Stop CP2 and all new LNG too!

Nov 29 update – We’re delivering comments and petitions to the US Department of Energy tomorrow. Meanwhile, yet another new report has come out showing that the Biden administration is canceling out its own climate progress by approving dozens of new oil and gas projects, especially LNG exports. This latest report from the Center for Biological Diversity is the third report (the other two, linked below, are from our allies at Oil Change international and US climate researcher Jeremy Symons) in just the last few days to specifically highlight the gap between President Biden’s climate promises, and his actions on fossil fuel exports, in particular. And it comes on the heels of a TON of new research that was released earlier this month from the US Government and the United Nations that shows, once again, that the US and the rest of the signatories to the Paris Climate Agreement are falling far behind their pledges – to the ruin of our climate, communities, and economies world wide

And now we learn that President Biden will skip the international climate talks in Dubai (no big loss, since they’re mostly an excuse for oil companies to make deals and greenwash). But just like when he skipped the UN Climate Ambition summit in September, it’s another indication that Biden and his senior advisors don’t see the promises they made under the Paris Climate Agreement as all that important – nor are they interested in further climate action beyond implementing and boosting the investments in renewable energy and electric cars (as well as a lot of other bad stuff like carbon capture, hydrogen, and oil drilling) made under the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Simply put, these are not the actions of a climate leader. But it’s not too late, and none too early for President Biden to do the right thing and say NO to fossil fuels, the same way he’s clearly and affirmatively said YES to renewable energy. Before it actually is too late – at least for this round of petitions and comments – can you add your name and comment to one or both of the actions below?

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Nov 22 update – We promised you more chances to comment on Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2) and LNG exports, and here you go! Our friends at Beyond Extreme Energy have a new way to send messages directly to FERC and DOE.

Heres’s why you should send another comment even if you’ve already signed one of our petitions: Right now, FERC and DOE are both considering permits that are essential for the CP2: FERC is considering the permit to allow CP2 to be built, and DOE is considering the permit allowing them to export Methane from fracking as LNG. BOTH permits are important opportunities to stop the project. And failure to receive EITHER permit will effectively block CP2 and LNG exports. But so far NEITHER FERC, DOE, NOR President Biden have ever rejected an application like this.

Click here to send a comment with our friends. We’ll make sure all the comments are submitted through the (admittedly cumbersome) FERC and DOE dockets next week. And stay tuned for a November 30 event to deliver the comments in real life as well.

Nov 20 message – The US just finished hosting a massive trade summit in San Francisco that included a lot of Liquefied natural Gas (LNG) deals; Next week the annual climate talks known as COP28 start in Dubai hosted by an oil &gas company executive; And the planet briefly (and temporarily) warmed more than 2 degrees Celsius last week. Things are not going well on planet earth.

Lots of new reports have come out recently that illustrate that the US, and the world, are falling far behind our promises in the Paris Climate Agreement. And a big reason is the US expansion of LNG exports. In fact, a new report out just today from our friends at Oil Change International finds that by the Biden Administration’s own accounting:

  1. Gas exports are projected to nearly double by 2035, and all fossil fuel extraction and exports will increase (not decrease). And
  2. That increase in fossil fuel production and infrastructure is the reason that we will miss (by a lot) our climate goals of reducing US emissions by 50% by 2030, and to “net zero” by 2050.

So today, we’re asking you to sign another petition – this time to the Department of Energy – asking them to stop Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2) and all new fossil fuel infrastructure.

We’re going to ask you to sign and send several versions of this message over the next few weeks (you may have seen this version focussed on Gas pipelines like GTN Xpress last week) because we’ve got a plan to deliver all the comments and signatures, and hopefully turn the Biden Administration around on this crucial issue.

Here’s why:

The US is falling behind on our climate commitments, despite some big investments in renewable energy like the Inflation Reduction Act, because we’re in the middle of a massive fossil fuel export boom. The biggest culprit of this fossil fuel expansion is “liquefied natural gas” (LNG) shipments. And most of those new export facilities are proposed to be built along the Gulf of Mexico.

To anyone who knows the Gulf Coast, the idea of putting more facilities that exacerbate the climate crisis in a place where hurricanes are growing ever stronger is ludicrous. These LNG projects are also slated to be built in mostly poor communities of color who already face higher rates of air pollution and disease. The Biden Administration promised to stop siting new fossil fuel projects that lock in pollution, extraction, and climate chaos in poor communities of color. Just like the promised to cut pollution in half by the end of this decade.

But just one of the newly proposed LNG terminals — CP2 — will cause 20 times (2000% more) the annual greenhouse gas emissions of the Willow Arctic oil project in Alaska, and will be located in a poor, black community in Louisiana.

LNG terminals are dangerous not just because of the emissions from burning gas. Methane leaks at the sites combine to make LNG as bad for the climate as coal! We can’t allow for more fossil fuel expansion as the climate crisis continues to worsen and impact our communities.

Sign our petition and demand the Department of Energy reject any new LNG facilities! We’re working on plans to deliver all these signatures (and more) next week to the Department of Energy. And we’re working with our old friends at Beyond Extreme Energy to plan to deliver comments and petitions to FERC as well. If you keep signing, we’ll keep delivering with powerful actions, media events, and public pressure. And with the Biden team eager to deliver some good news on climate action at the COP talks next month, this could be the moment for a breakthrough.

But only if we all take action right now, together. When we do -we deliver a powerful message and show the solidarity across our movement. Sign now to demand the Department of Energy reject CP2 and all new fossil fuels!


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