Shut down climate chaos

Live march updates! We’re living streaming the rally speakers so everyone can see and hear our call to shut down climate chaos and end fossil fuels fast, fair and forever. Chip in to support this action.

Saturday September 16 update and recapSunday is the March to End Fossil Fuels, and next week the UN climate ambition summit convenes to try and force global governements to end fossil fuels, fast, fair, and forever. And as part of the Shut down climate wave of actions, we’ve been taking action to shut down banks, fossil fuel companies, hedge funds, and their enablers all week. Check out the reportback video below & follow the hashtags #ClimateShutdown and #EndFossilfFuels on social media (X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) for additional videos, photos and action reports. And RSVP now to join us in mass action this Monday, September 18 – at 10am in Zucotti park.

But I’m afraid I’ve got bad news. We learned yesterday that President Biden is not even coming to New York, and is not preparing any new policy for the climate ambition summit, as is required of heads of state who attend. Instead, Biden will join UK prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and a host of oil-oligarchs in boycotting the UN meeting and continuing to stand with fossil fuels and their outrageous, climate-wrecking, war-profiteering, pursuit of money and power.

It’s beyond frustrating. It’s infuriating. And as we’ve told you before, it’s ok to let that anger out, and let it move you into action.

All this week we’ve been taking action in New York city with hundreds of courageous comrades from all over the country. Dozens of people have been arrested already shutting down Blackrock, CitiBank, Eni, KKR, AIG, the Museum of Modern Art and more. Every action is unified in calling for an end to the era of fossil fuels — Fast, fair, and forever. Every action is unique, and beautiful with art, theater, songs, fierce love, and non-violent direct action.

Tomorrow we march to the United Nations. Join us if you can, and watch and participate from wherever you are as part of this weekend’s global actions. Chip in to support everyone taking action if you can’t make it.

Monday, thousands of us will converge on Wall Street and express our anger and outrage about a system that is killing us for profit. And we’ll continue to demand bold action – from President Biden, from the United Nations, and from banks and the projects they finance. Join us Sunday at the march; Join us in mass action this Monday, September 18 – at 10am in Zucotti park. Or chip in to support those who are taking action now.

Thanks, we’ll see you in the streets.