Tell FERC to stop approving new fracked gas infrastructure

Last month, the Federal Energy Regulator Commission (FERC) approved the GTN Xpress fracked gas pipeline expansion over the clear opposition of practically every elected official from Washington and Oregon, where the pipeline is slated to be built.

That has kicked off a massive wave of opposition in Congress, which could be really good for long time FERC fighters like us. Representatives Nanette Barragan, Jared Huffman & Jennifer McClellan, along with U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley, Bernie Sanders and more than 60 of their colleagues in the US House and Senate are calling on the Department of Energy to block LNG fossil fuel exports and to wind down NEW fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines and compressor stations.

Can you sign a quick petition in solidarity before FERC’s next meeting tomorrow? We’ll be watching the meeting and will have a specific action you can take to call out LNG and exports.

We’re also closely watching for news on the Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2) project, which is not on tomorrow’s FERC docket, but has been identified as a big, watershed decision pending before FERC at this moment.

We’ve told you before about GTN Xpress. The project is owned by TC Energy —the same people who brought you the Keystone XL pipeline and other disasters. And the Xpress plan is to increase the volume of a fracked gas in the existing GTN line — a 1,354 mile long pipeline that cuts through British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon — by 150 million cubic feet per day.

And that’s why we’ve shown up repeatedly at FERC to oppose this and other fracked gas pipelines that would accelerate climate change, harm public health in communities across the pipeline route. GTN Xpress also contradicts Oregon and Washington state policy commitments to reducing climate pollution, which seems to have gotten the attention of some powerful people:

“It’s just inconsistent with what the West Coast is doing in trying to develop a clean energy economy,” Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

“The expanded pipeline will cause $8.8 billion in damages, and contribute 1.9 million metric tons of carbon per year in pollution to the Pacific Northwest,” Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley pointed out. “That is the equivalent to adding 644,000 gasoline powered cars to the road each year,” he continued.

Sign the petition if you agree: The United States must stop approving natural gas pipelines. We’ll deliver the message at tomorrow’s FERC meeting, and we’ll update you about CP2 and other projects coming soon so you can join the growing resistance to new fossil gas infrastructure of all kinds.


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