• Tell FERC to reject the plan to put a Dam next to the Grand Canyon Stop this Damn plan to put a Dam next to the Grand Canyon - The Navajo Nation, the Hopi and other Native peoples in the Southwest are fighting plans to build three dams next to the Grand Canyon. These dams would drastically impact water flow and ecology in this jewel of the American park system. And to even consider building the dams would require unwelcome desecration of an area […]
  • Ban Tear Gas They tear gassed moms. And then the Mayor. Ban Tear Gas Now. - The use of tear gas is illegal in war. But in the last few weeks, it’s been used so often to disperse protests in the US that many of you can probably recognize the smell at a distance, and know exactly what it looks like in a photo or video. In Portland, Trump’s storm troopers […]
  • Defund the Police Your Mayor can Defund the police – and they should - For the last few weeks, we’ve been telling you about why we support the demands of the Movement for Black Lives, including and especially the demand to Defund the Police. But the truth is that most of us can’t defund the police ourselves: Not by voting in local elections (some sheriffs are elected, but not […]
  • Senate Fail #SenateFail: Fossil Fuels got bailed out, we got sold out - We call it a #SenateFail: It’s been more than a month since the House passed a $3 trillion COVID relief package called the HEROES act. But the Senate has failed to so much as hold a hearing – and chose instead to go on a 2-week, 4th of July vacation. Since they took off for […]
  • Make the ACP History Tell FERC to make the Atlantic Coast Pipeline History! - On June 15 The Supreme Court ruled that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) can cross under the Appalachian Trail in the George Washington National Forest. Doing so removed a major obstacle to the project, but did not provide a clear path to how or when the project can be completed. A thicket of lawsuits persists […]