• Save Monarchs and the Endangered Species Act Trump is coming for the last animals now - In a final act of indignity, Trump’s Department of Interior has proposed catastrophic roll-backs to the Endangered Species Act, a crown-jewel of the environmental movement that has prevented 99% of protected species from going extinct. For all of us who love wild things and the planet, this is a a final straw, not unexpected; But […]
  • Shut Down DC Sept 23 Shut Down DC - UPDATE: We are going to #ShutDownDC in less than three weeks! More than 700 folks have pledged to join us and more than a dozen organizations have endorsed our demands for a Green New Deal, respect of indigenous land, and protection of biodiversity, and more.  If you haven’t already – click here to sign the pledge of […]
  • FIREFIGHTER stencil Cesar Maxit Climate Strikes 2019 – we were built for this - UPDATE, September 1-9: The global, youth-led, leader-full climate strike movement has announced new demands for the Climate Strike week of action. And we are PUMPED!  Check out the list of demands, and then Find, host or join a global climate strike action near you! Here’s the plan: On Friday, September 20th, we’re following the lead of […]
  • Trump wants to take away your freedom of Information Trump wants to gut your freedom of information - The Trump administration is trying to rewrite the rules on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in order to keep pollution and corruption hidden from the public. The key is what’s called a “no records” response, which allows political appointees like Andrew Wheeler and David Bernhardt to decide what information is released to the public. […]
  • No More Climate deniers in charge of US climate policy UN Fit to lead. Stop Kelly Knight Craft nomination. - UPDATE – Bad news: As expected the Senate Foreign relations committee voted to approve Kelly Craft to be UN Ambassador despite her being a corrupt, UN-qualified, climate denier. Even more disturbing, Three Democrats — Sens. Jeanne Shaheen, Chris Coons and Chris Murphy— joined every Republican to approve her, despite the fact that she spent most […]