• FERC No Federal Renewable Energy Commission YES! Up in the air to stop the pipelines - This morning, I got up early, climbed a ladder 35 feet up, and perched on top of the front door of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with a banner that reads “FERC NO, Federal Renewable Energy Commission YES!” It’s not a 100% safe, or legal way to make a point. But I thought it was […]
  • We fired Zinke and Pruitt, now help block Bernhardt Quick, slightly belated, update on Bernhardt - As you probably heard by now – Bernhardt was confirmed by a vote of 56-41 last week, over the objections of nearly 200,000 of us who signed, called, texted, and petitioned to oppose his nomination. The vote was largely along party lines, with three of the same Democrats who voted against the Green New Deal […]
  • We fired Zinke and Pruitt, now help block Bernhardt UPDATE: Bernhardt caught red handed, Senate Committee votes to confirm him anyway - Early this morning, the New York Times released a story that proves that David Bernhardt – Trump’s corrupt, dirty nominee to replace Ryan Zinke as head of the Department of Interior – lied to Congress by continuing to lobby Interior more than a year after he swore he’d stopped. The evidence is an April 2017 invoice that […]
  • We fired Zinke and Pruitt, now help block Bernhardt Trump’s Most Corrupt Nominee yet. - Trump has nominated David Bernhardt to run the Department of Interior, making him the latest in a line of corrupt former lobbyists nominated to regulate the industries they used to work for. This is almost be a cliche at this point: Bernhardt follows Ryan Zinke, who resigned under a cloud of investigations and allegations of […]
  • Breaking Tump tries to approve the KXL pipeline, again Breaking: Trump tries to ram through KeystoneXL, Again - Trump just issued a presidential permit for construction of Keystone XL, again. He’s trying to get around a recent court order by the Ninth circuit that preserved an injunction to stop TransCanada from building the pipeline, at a potential costs of billions of dollars. If you’re ready to get in front of this pipeline and […]