From the Coast to Coast to Coast – Tell FERC to Stop Fossil Fuels!

The GTN XPress project is a proposal from TC Energy (the same people who brought you the Keystone XL pipeline and other disasters) to increase the volume of a fracked gas pipeline by 150 million cubic feet per day.

The existing GTN line is a 1,354 mile long pipeline that cuts through British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. TCenergy’s expansion would accelerate climate change, harm public health in communities across the pipeline route, and contradicts Oregon and Washington state policy commitments to reducing climate pollution.

But that has never stopped the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) from approving a fracked gas pipeline before. So we’re joining friends from Beyond Extreme Energy for a virtual meeting where we’ll hear from experts and raise our voices together to stop GTN Express and other projects pending at FERC. RSVP Here

We’ll hear from Maig Tinnin, an organizer with Rogue Climate, about the fight against the GTN Express in the North West. We’ll also hear from John Beard on Exxon Mobile’s Golden Pass in TX, pipeline fights in VA and NJ, and the latest FERC related news.

And together we’ll make calls, send emails, and take to social media to demand that FERC reject this, and other, climate destroying projects. 

BXE friends will also be on hand to share the latest FERC news from this month’s commissioners’ meeting, and demystify how to take action effectively. 

Join us Thursday for a fun, action packed event taking down gas pipelines from coast to coast to coast!