Citi + Chevron = Money and fuel for genocide

Citi, the main focus of our Summer of Heat actions in New York City this summer, is also funding genocide and war in Gaza. AND they’re one of the biggest investors in Chevron, the fossil fuel company literally extracting off the coast of Gaza to fuel Israel’s war machine.

Citi is profiting off death and destruction around the world, and we’re not going to take it any more. If you’re in or near NYC, join the Summer of heat rally tonight at 6pm eastern. Wherever you are, sign here to tell Citi to divest from war, genocide, and fossil fuels. Check out this slide deck from Banking on Solidarity (and a little from us) to get the gist:

I’ll explain more:

A few weeks ago, we told you how Chevron fuels Israel’s war machine as co-owner of the major gas fields off the coast of occupied Palestinian land. So we’re taking action to push Chevron to divest from its oil and gas projects in Israel now.

That also got us interested in who is investing in Chevron, and Israeli fossil fuels and related projects. Citi is one of their top investors, having loaned more than 2.6 billion dollars to Chevron just since the Paris Climate agreement was signed.

That’s when we met the Banking on Solidarity campaign, and their damning research showing that when billions of dollars were transferred out of Israel, Citibank doubled down on its public support for Israel’s right wing government — including their pro-fossil-fuel policies. This isn’t even Citi’s first genocide for fossil fuel profit scheme! Citi was one of the last banks to divest from apartheid South Africa, and was a key investor in and banker in the violent, decades-long U.S. occupation of Haiti.

We’re still sifting through all the data to figure out if or how much Citi has loaned to Chevron specifically for fossil fuel extraction in Palestine. But, we’ve seen enough to know the basic math: Citi + Chevron = Money and fuel for genocide. Join us tonight in NYC to speak out and learn more, and sign here to tell Citi to divest from war, land grabs, and colonialism.

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