Tell FERC and Biden: Hell No to CP2 and LNG too!

For many months, we’ve been calling on President Biden and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to stop the biggest build out of fossil fuels in US history. All told, FERC has been considering, and mostly approving, the construction of more than 20 new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export facilities that could add the equivalent emissions of 675 coal-fired power plants

And the biggest of them is Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2). If allowed to be built, CP2 will cause 20 times as much global warming pollution as the Willow Arctic Oil Project in Alaska. We delayed, but did not defeat CP2 last February when we convinced Biden’s US Department of Energy to pause new LNG export permits. And now FERC has put CP2 on their agenda to be approved on June 27. We must act fast and speak out now to stop this climate and community wrecking project!

Click here to send a comment to FERC and cc President Biden telling them not just no, but HELL NO to CP2 and all LNG too!

FERC has been considering the permit to allow CP2 to be built for months. Some of us had even hoped that they might delay construction indefinitely while the US DOE re-writes its policy on export permits. After all, if they can’t get a permit to export the gas, there’s no point in building a gigantic gas export terminal, right? But we also always knew the DOE pause was incomplete and temporary.

The central issue is that we’re in the middle of a massive fossil fuel export boom, which is threatening President Biden’s climate and clean energy goals, not to mention our health and the global climate. The Biden Administration promised to stop siting new fossil fuel projects that lock in pollution, extraction, and climate chaos in poor communities of color. Just like the promised to phase out fossil fuels and cut global warming pollution in half by the end of this decade. But just one LNG terminal — CP2 — will cause 20 times (2000% more) the annual greenhouse gas emissions of the Willow Arctic oil project in Alaska, and will be located in a poor, black community in Louisiana.

Our whole spring campaign to #UnFrackFERC was focussed on this same idea. We asked FERC over and over to pause approvals of LNG export terminals and all fossil fuels, just like DOE did with LNG exports, while they reconsidered the impact on climate and communities. But FERC never accepted our demands, and they rejected the tens of thousands of comments we sent them about fossil fuel projects in Texas, New England, and the Mid Atlantic.

And now they’ve gone and put CP2 on the list of projects to be approved at their June 27 meeting. The DOE announced their pause in permits only after we threatened a massive civil disobedience action at their Headquarters in February. With less than a week to plan, we probably can’t pull that off at FERC this Thursday, but we are planning to send a delegation of frontline leaders, and BXE has successfully disrupted many FERC meetings

Click here and enter your contact information to get started, and we’ll cue up a sample comment you can send to FERC with a CC to President Biden telling them to stop CP2 and all new LNG permit approvals. We’ll make sure all the comments are submitted to FERC before their June 27 meeting and also give you step by step instructions for how to send your own e-comment or create an e-file account with FERC. If you can be in Washington DC on June 27 to help deliver all the comments and participate in a rally and action, let us know on the form and loop you in to our plans for this Thursday..

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