Rise up to #BoycottChevron with the Summer of Heat

July 15 update — Join us Wednesday July 17 from 1130am for a rally to get everyone to boycott Chevron, including Citibank!

Chevron fuels the genocide of Palestinians through their ownership of two major gas fields off the coast of occupied Palestine. Citibank funds Chevron – more than $2.5 billion just since the Paris climate agreement was signed.

Palestinian BDS leaders have called for a boycott of Chevron, and activists in the US are showing up: At Chevron’s shareholder meeting, their massive Richmond California refinery, and now on the streets of NYC at Citibank’s headquarters. Join us by signing on to our global pledge to #BoycottChevron here. And if you’re in or near NYC, make a plan to join our Boycott Chevron action at Citibank on Wednesday July 17, as well as a rally at Citi plaza on Thursday July 18.

Learn more about the campaign below or at Boycottchevron.info.

Chevron is engaging in war profiteering, with their CEO even boasting about expanding their operations in the region while literally fueling the genocide of Palestinians. And Citi is bankrolling their fossil fuel expansion at the cost of our climate, communities, and international human rights.

Chevron is co-owner of the major gas fields off the coast of occupied Palestinian land, making an estimated $1.5 billion in revenue from those Tamar and Leviathan gas sales alone in 2022. And there’s a direct connection to Citi Bank tooCiti is one of their top investors, having loaned more than $2.6 billion to Chevron since the Paris Climate agreement was signed.

So, we’re encouraging everyone — including Citi — to Boycott Chevron. You can join us by signing on to our global pledge to #BoycottChevron here.

And if you’re in NYC, make a plan to join our Boycott Chevron action at Citibank on Wednesday July 17, and/or a BIGGER rally in Citi plaza on Thursday July 17 with the broader Citibank accountability movement.

If you’re new to this campaign, the Boycott Chevron Campaign started with Palestinian allies calling for a global boycott of Chevron.

This year’s early actions have been led by our allies in California, where Chevron is headquartered. California activists co-hosted an international webinar with global leaders sharing stories of Chevron’s atrocities, took to the water at their Richmond refinery, hosted a community teach-in and resource fair, and capped things off with an action at Chevron’s brand-new global headquarters to disrupt their annual shareholders meeting.

But this is a global campaign because war and apartheid mean big profit for Big Oil. Israel’s war machine, responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of Palestinians, relies on the supply of natural gas supplied by Chevron. Both Chevron and Israel enrich themselves from these oil and gas projects and are continuing a pattern of ongoing occupation and apartheid for profit and homicidal punishment. And Citi is a leading investor in Chevron, as well as war, weapons manufacturing, and apartheid.

We’re working to get 100,000 people to pledge to #BoycottChevron, because the more people who take action, the more we can push Chevron to divest from its oil and gas projects in Israel now. Sign on now to Boycott Chevron, and get notified about upcoming actions and events.

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