Report back from New Orleans action to stop CP2 and LNG too!

We went down to New Orleans to help plan and execute an action on LNG exports at the America’s Energy Summit (AES). The AES is like a who’s-who meeting of fossil fuel corporations and their enablers in finance and government and our actions helped it shut down early, and under-attended!

Scroll down for more links to media coverage, ad lots of photos, videos, and other content captured live in New Orleans!

We started off with a meetup in the heart of the French Quarter and heard some welcoming speakers and remarks to get us grounded. Then, we took to the streets, New Orleans Style, with a marching band, giant puppets and more!

When we got to the convention center, our friends from Sunrise NOLA put on an amazing puppet show that recounts the story of how Roishetta Ozane and James Hiat, two of our frontline leaders from western Louisiana, have bee fighitg LNG and fossil fuels for years – and have already won some important victories!

And we were joined by friend of the movemet – Jane Fonda:

At the end, we got to catch up with some of the shrimpers and fisher-folk who’d driven (with their boats) all the way across Louisiana to say that they want their coast back!

Frontline fishers want their coast back

It was an incredible day of action, and it couldn’t have happened without all the support from so many groups and people from all over the region and especially our friends at Sunrise New Orleans. And we’re just getting started! RSVP to join us in DC feb 6-8 for our next big action with James, Roishetta, and lots of other folks. And, if you can make it, chip in here to support the actions all this month happening in New Orleans, DC, and across turtle island (North America).

Here’s a final wrap video from Sunrise NOLA, we’ll see you all again real soon!


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  2. These maddening diabolical fossil fuel companies, in all fairness were there for the times but went off and killed everything in it’s path they had their chances to prove that they are not the main polluters but continued violating regulations, they chose APATHY and the need need to fill the VOID that they constantly can not quench but for a minute, greed and influences, I believe they are the main influencers very responsible for (CLIMATE CHANG- CLIMATE CRISIS DENIALISM), denying science, I also believe a deep rooted system like that is going to take a process exit, find the law breakers imprison them and law suit them, make examples!!!

  3. Thank you for fighting for a clean planet for generations to come. Appreciate your doing the hard work of making your voice heard. I am with you in this effort. Stay strong !!

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