Biden Administration LNG moves and AAP solidarity

Jan 30 update – The solidarity actions with Appalachians Against Pipelines are going great! There have already been actions in San Francisco, CA, Blacksburg, VA, Pittsburgh, PA, and just today in Washington DC. Share the news using the links below and scroll down for still more events coming up soon.

But first, a time sensitive ask from some of the oldens leading the fight in Virginia: The MVP is in violation of its consent decree with Virginia! And VA Attorney General Jason Miyares has the authority to hold them accountable and force the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to issue a stop work order! AG Miyares and the VA-DEQ must do their job and take action against MVP’s community and climate wrecking actions after community members have reported numerous violations.

Take action by signing this petition! At 1,000 signatures, three intrepid old folks will deliver the signatures to the Virginia AG.

Share news of the petition and recent AAP solidarity actions using the links below

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In case you missed it: The Biden administration has announced a pause on new LNG export permits, starting with the CP2 project, pending review of their impact on the climate and other factors. Congratulations to all who worked hard on this, especially our frontline friends from Texas and Louisiana. Because of this announcement, those same frontline leaders have also canceled the planned protest Feb 6-8 in Washington DC. Click here to learn more

Join or share one of these fantastic actions:

And there are great actions planned in these cities already – tell us if you know of more!

Are you just getting started?

It’s not too late to plan something! Use these links to find targets and take action:

  1. First, finding a solidarity target near you; 
  2. Get your crew together and plan an action. Need help? Use this toolkit.
  3. Finally, spread the word using this Social Media Toolkit.

If you need more context on the MVP:

The fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline isn’t over. Organizers on the ground continue a relentless direct action campaign as MVP struggles to cross waterways and treacherous mountainous terrain- including the Jefferson National Forest. MVP has failed to meet their end-of-year deadline, pushing back their in-service date to the spring.

Appalachians Against Pipelines is fighting increased repression with pipeline fighters facing escalated charges, ridiculous jail sentences, and SLAPP suits.  They are calling for people all around the country to join the fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline during solidarity days of action January 29-31. You can find out more about planning a solidarity action and the banks and corporations behind this fracked gas pipeline here.  

You can also make a quick call to one of the contractors to give them a piece of your mind:

Last, but not least if you can give money but not time please donate to to the Appalachian Legal Defense Fund in support folks on the ground facing repression from the state and corporation. All funds will be used for the costs of bail, legal defense and defendant support.


  1. Amanda Fitzsimmons

    Please save our planet.

  2. What time do we show up at the target to protest?

  3. We must stop all pipelines ! They will always work to make our planet worse off.
    They are the opposite of what we need to cool off this very necessary planet .

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