Fossil Fueled Fascists in the House have a dirty, dumb idea for LNG

House Speaker Mike Johnson has been facing pressure to call a vote on urgently-needed aid to Ukraine. But extremists in his own caucus have already filed a “motion to vacate” his speakership if he brings the Senate’s bipartisan Ukraine aid package up for a vote.

So this weekend, Speaker Johnson went on Fox news to promote a truly fossil fueled fascist plan: He wants to repeal President Biden’s pause on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports in exchange for aiding Ukraine.

This is a dirty, dumb idea because our allies in Ukraine and Europe dont even want more gas from America. The only people who will benefit from Johnson’s plan are the fossil fuel companies and the fascist politicians they fund (like Johnson and also Donald Trump).

So we’re teaming up with our old friends at Climate Hawks Vote to send a message to Congress – Keep your dirty hands off President Biden’s LNG export pause, and keep LNG exports OUT of military aide to Ukraine. Click here to send a message to your member of Congress.

Here’s the context for those who need it:

The Senate has already passed a bi-partisan bill to aid Ukraine in their ongoing war with Russia. That Bi-partisan Senate bill has a lot of problems — in that it also funds Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza — but fossil fuels weren’t an issue in it. There’s a huge bipartisan majority in the House that supports Ukraine aid. But a tiny minority of House Republicans oppose aid to Ukraine, and a growing list of Democrats have concerns about military support for Israel given ongoing war crimes including the murder of a US citizen who worked with the aid group World Central Kitchen.

To try and unite the fossil fueled fascist party, Speaker Johnson is bringing out some old hits from Donald Trump’s Presidency and adding “energy dominance” language to the Ukraine aid bill, including the dirty bill HR7176 which, as we told you a few weeks ago, would overturn President Biden’s LNG export pause. And what’s worse, some Democrats are reportedly “open” to the idea!

To be clear, we’re already exporting more gas than Europe needs. Allies in Europe and Ukraine are already building distributed renewable energy and heat pumps. Gas demand declined last year according to international monitors. And additional US gas exports it will mostly benefit fossil fuel companies, and their clients in China and Asian markets.

What this latest dirty deal might do is unite fossil fueled fascists in the House and force Democrats to choose between peace and clean energy (which you can’t deposit in a campaign account) and war and fossil fuels – two of the biggest campaign donors in America. Those are not good odds for climate activists and anti-fascist fossil fuel campaigners.

Click here email your member of Congress and tell them: Hands off President Biden’s LNG export pause – no dirty deals for Ukraine aid!