Back at it to UnFrack FERC this April

April 26 update – Check out the video below of our speak-out before the FERC meeting yesterday. As promised we summarized our comments about the New England forward capacity auction that favors fossil fuel power plants, we heard from Maury about the ongoing fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), and shared some outrage and words of resistance related to the GTNXpress gas pipeline that nobody wants (except FERC).

  1. Click here to use FERC’s E-comment tool.
  2. Enter docket number CP19-14-003 to send a comment opposing the Mountain Valley Pipeline
    Enter docket number ER24-1290-000 to back up our comments on the ISO-New England forward capacity Auction
    • Additional docket for MVP – our friends at App Voices, who you can hear Maury mention and qoute from in the video below, are asking for additional comments to oppose the MVP’s plan to be put “in service” in early June. Use docket numbers CP16-10 (You can also include CP19-477 and CP21-57) and use this toolkit if you need help with what to say.
  3. Or just contact them during normal business hours and share any message you like! Note if you call or email, they’ll probably tell you to put it in an E-comment using the janky tool above. So feel free to call and tell them “I tried that and your website stinks.”
    Telephone: 202-502-6088
    Toll-free Telephone: 1-866-208-3372

Here’s the video from our speak out before the FERC meeting!

April 11 message: The more things change, the more they stay the same – especially at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). So we’re going back to FERC on April 25 to #UnFrackFERC with our old friends at BXE and Third Act DC. MD, & VA.

If you’re willing to take action with us this month join our next online action planning meeting is April 18th at 7PM (EST):

For those who need a quick refresher:

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has paused new permits for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports, pending a review of their impact on our climate, communities, and economy. But FERC has gone on rubber-stamping fossil fuel permits, including for LNG export facilities – undermining the climate and economic benefit of DOE’s pause, and insulting every activist who’s fought to end the era of fossil fuels.

In March we heard from impacted landowners, advocates, and delivered thousands of comments supporting Ingleside On The Bay Coastal Watch Association.

In April, we’ll be back! This time delivering comments alongside No Coal No Gas objecting to a New England auction that forces ratepayers in six states to pay more money for dirty fossil fuel ‘peaker’ plants. We’ll also get an update on Maury Johnson and his ongoing campaign to get FERC to respect his farm and protect it according to an organic farm plan for the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

And of course we’ll be joining our old friends from Beyond Extreme Energy and Third Act, Extinction Rebellion and others.

With LNG exports continuing to be a topic of hot debate in the US Congressmost recently fossil fascist Speaker Mike Johnson’s dirty, dumb idea to require LNG exports in exchange for aid to Ukraine; And no vote yet scheduled on three new FERC nominees who will represent a majority on the commission, if confirmed — It’s still a great time to take spring-time action at FERC!

On our planning call April 18 we’ll talk about all these issues, and more. We’ll have ways for you to get plugged into specific roles helping with art, protest, or non violent direct action at the FERC meting. And we’ll have time to talk and get to know each other as activists and organizers fighting fossil fuels and for a clean energy future. Even if you can’t make it to Washington DC on April 25, if you can make it to the April 18 planning meeting we’ll talk about how to participate from wherever you are, and about plans for the May 23 FERC Commissioners’ meeting.

So come on down and don’t delay – RSVP for our online action planning meeting is April 18th at 7PM ET / 4pm PT to get all the news and updates you need to help us UnFrack FERC this spring!