Tell Manchin: Keep your dirty hands off President Biden’s LNG pause

Quick Feb 9 update – Video report below but the quick synopsis is this: Manchin and his friends held their hearing Thursday morning, but we made sure it did not go quietly. About two dozen protestors snuck into the hearing and interrupted Manchin and his hand-picked fossil fuel witnesses (but not the DOE official who was there to defend and explain Biden’s LNG pause) while we delivered thousands of your comments and signatures via fax and email to Manchin and the committee. Fourteen comrades were arrested, and have all since been released and are safe and well. But stay tuned for more actions coming soon because, as we warned you earlier in the week, it’s possible Manchin or other members of this committee will try and attach legislation or amendments to nullify Biden’s LNG export pause to a “must pass” spending bill. There’s still time to sign and share our petition telling Manchin and his allies to keep their dirty hands off President Biden’s LNG pause.

Later in the day (and after the Supreme court heard oral arguments on whether Trump and other fossil fueled fascists can stay on the ballot) FERC came out with their monthly meeting notice. Good news: Still no CP2 LNG export facility on the docket, so that project is probably, maybe, stopped by a combination of the LNG export pause and their own financial woes. BUT three other big gas projects, including Driftwood LNG – which is also an LNG export project planned for Louisiana – are on the agenda. Stay tuned for updates and further action next week, but it looks like FERC is set to continue their rubber stamping of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Check out the video explainer if you want, or read on below for more details about LNG pause and why we’re watching out for Manchin, again.

Now that President Biden has paused new LNG export permits, you knew it was only a matter of time before Sen Joe Manchin (Coal Baron, WV) — the dirtiest-dealing and most-fossil-fuel-funded member of Congress — got involved. Well, that time is now.

Earlier today fossil fueled fascists in the House held a hearing to attack Biden’s LNG decision. And on Thursday Manchin will once again turn the Senate Energy Committee into a polluter-booster rally. It would all be a little pathetic and funny, if Manchin and his allies hadn’t shown (over and over again) that they’re capable of bending President Biden and Senate leadership to their will.

We need to push back, hard, against Manchin’s mis-information and lies. Sign now to tell the US Congress, and Manchin in particular, to keep their dirty hands off President Biden’s LNG pause.

These investigations and legislation are unnecessary and ill-informed. But that doesn’t make them harmless.

First of all, Biden’s LNG decision is a pause, not a cancelation or permanent change in policy – so it can be un-done just as fast as it was enacted.

Second, only Department of Energy permits are be covered by the pause. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other agencies still have to consider new LNG infrastructure, including CP2; And Manchin has shown a disturbing ability to control FERC’s commissioners and policy.

And finally, only methane exports are covered by Biden’s pause, which means that domestic gas infrastructure like pipelines and domestic LNG facilities can still be proposed or approved. And again, Manchin in particular, and the fossil fuel fascist party in general, have shown a dangerous ability to force the Biden Administration and Senate leadership to accept dirty deals that force through fossil fuel infrastructure.

With another round of high stakes “must pass” spending legislation depending on close votes and cooperation from Manchin and MAGA leadership, this is a dangerous moment for our temporary, tentative, LNG victory; And the polluter lobby knows it.

Next week, fossil fueled fascists in the House plan to host a “Dirty Energy Week” to attack Biden’s LNG pause, deny climate reality, and promote legislation to compel the US government to export more fossil fuels — including H.R. 1130, which would repeal Biden’s pause on new LNG facilities. Sign Now to tell Manchin and the entire US Congress to back the fracking well off.

PS – To counter the GOP’s misleading claims around LNG, our friends at Fossil Free Media have prepared some facts and talking points. Read on to learn the truth and equip yourself to push back.


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  2. Senator Manchin, you need to either cut your ties with the fossil fuel industry,(coal) or step down and not run for office ever again. FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY!

  3. Manchin is a perfect example of what’s wrong with this world. Aman with braces on his brain except when it benefits him. Totally selfish and self serving.

  4. C’mon Jack!

  5. an open comment to Sen Manchin,

    You did more than enough damage to Joe Biden’s New Deal like proposals. Because of you and Sen. SInema, voting rights are under greater assault than they’ve ever been and will be very likely help Trump and the Republicans to take control with with their plan to destroy what is left of the democratic process this country has run on since it’s inception. I remember when you referred to the For The People Act (which would have tackled gerrymandering at the Congressional level and strengthened voter rights) as “Partisan Voting Legislation”. At the same you ignored the real “partisan legislation” being passed by a number of states with Republican controlled legislatures (some of those measures including provision to reject or overturn election results). If that isn’t “partisan” I don’t know what is. Those bills were specifically crafted to discourage people from voting due to their harsh restrictions and simply making it more difficult to cast a ballot, all of which were based on Trump’s and his MAGA supporters’ big lie which favours the Republicans more. Members of hte REpublican party even admitted that if all eligible registered voters cast a ballot they would have trouble winning so they will do whatever they can to stifle and suppress the vote.

    In particular I am still angered by your voting for the John Lewis Voting Rights act and then (along with Kyrsten SInema) moving across the aisle and siding with the Republicans to block a carve out to let is pass was one of the most extreme shows of responsibility and hypocrisy I have ever seen. Your almost religious support of the FIlibuster kept mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate caucus in power as it gave him the weapon he needed to continue his campaign of obstruction.

    Your accepting funding support by members of the Fossil Fuel Cartel, including some who who historically only support Republican candidates and causes showed where you stand, it is not with your constituents and the people but a bunch of billionaires who are your real “constituents”. The fact they on a number of occasions referred to you as their “friend” I consider despicable. You basically sold what’s left of your soul and our country out to them.

    Your gutting and tanking of the BBB was little more than a stab in the back to President Biden and the citizens of this nation. Your reward for that was to be showered with campaign support through another Fossil Fuel Billionaire, something that is moot now as you are stepping down. That is probably the best thing you ever did as there would be little difference in policy should a Republican take your place (which is highly likely).

    Enjoy your retirement and your generous pension we the citizens and voters paid for whom you snubbed, and please stay out of politics

  6. Keep your hands off the LNG pause./

  7. The focus must be on clean, sustainable enrergy sources that would be afforadable to everyone. Clean energy can be a boost to any economy. Manchin needs work for the people he represents instead of his own personal wealth. This is the only planet we have and it needs to be protected and preserved for the sake of all life.

  8. Wake up to the real dangers of climate change. Stop supporting Fossil Fuels.

  9. Stop being greedy

  10. Leave LNG alone

    Since you allowed coal mining to

    Be destroyed around your feet

    You can do better Joe Manchin at

    74 yrs old

    Retired UMWA coal miner in AL

  11. The entirety of the planet depends upon this moment of truth and clarity. Without the current administration’s support and guidance, this wouldn’t’ve unanimously passed. Leave the administration alone and let them work on improving the world in peace.

  12. Manchin works for Manchin, not the good of the nation or world as a whole.

  13. Keep your hands off President Biden’s LNG pause