Boiling point: Join the mass call March 28 & get connected to the Summer of Heat

April 17 update – Quick update as we’re one week out from the Spring Spark actions that will kick off our summer of heat! We’re thrilled to invite you to a crucial event where we’ll be taking a stand against environmental racism and holding Citi accountable for its role in perpetuating the climate crisis.

The People Vs. Citi: Confronting Citi Group’s Environmental Racism
🗓️Date: Monday, April 22nd
🕙Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
📍Location: St Marks Church in the Bowery (131 E 10th St, New York NY)


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March 28 update: 2023 was the hottest year in recorded history, by a lot. We broke records for global warming pollution, surface temperature, ocean temperature, and more. But when the big fossil fuel companies and their even bigger investors in the banking and finance sectors saw the news, they said “nah, we good.”

Speaking at this month’s big fossil fuel conference called CERA week, Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser said “We should abandon the fantasy of phasing out oil and gas…” And, in case you missed it, Exxon’s CEO Darren Woods blames YOU for the climate crisis he has personally made a fortune profiting off.

It has never been more clear that to stop catastrophic climate change, we have to force a change in the system. One of our best chances is to end the financing of fossil fuels And our best opportunity to do that is a series of focussed, non-violent, direct action’s this summer to shut down the global heart of fossil capital: Wall Street.

That’s the summer of heat campaign. But we’re not waiting for the weather to get warmer, because the climate crisis is already at a boiling point. We’re kicking off the campaign NOW. If you want in, join the Mass Action Call Thursday, March 28th, from 7:30-9 PM EST.

We’re starting the work early with a “spring spark” of actions April 24th and 25th. Taking these early actions and joining these early calls will help you and your crew gear up for massive, creative, disruptive nonviolent direct action this summer. That’s when we’ll all synchronize our actions to demand Wall Street stop bankrolling the climate crisis. But before we hit the streets, we need to get ready.

That’s why we’re joining the Mass Action Call for Nonviolent Direct Action Against Fossil Finance on Thursday, March 28th, from 7:30-9 PM EST. This call is your opportunity to plug into the actions, get involved, and make a plan.

Join us as we discuss our plans for the upcoming actions and how you can play a crucial role in challenging the financiers of climate chaos. RSVP here and together we can hold these institutions accountable.