This Friday, #DefundLine3!

For the last few months, we’ve been sending you updates on how you can #DefundLine3 by demanding big banks and financiers stop funding this Minnesota tar sands boondoggle. Thanks to your actions so far, bank executives have received more than 700,000 emails, 7,000 calendar invites and 3,000 phone calls. There have been protests at more than a dozen bank branches, and on the frontlines in Minnesota more than 200 water protectors have been arrested blocking construction.

Now, allies and activists across the country and around the world are pulling all that energy together for one powerful, coordinated day of action this Friday, May 7th. Will you join us for the #DefundLine3 Global Day of Action?

There are already nearly 100 actions confirmed in 40 US cities ― as well as nearly a dozen in countries from the UK, France, Holland, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Canada and Sierra Leone.

There are small actions delivering a letter to a local bank branch with a friend. And there are big actions with hundreds of people shutting down the streets. If there isn’t an action planned near you, you can start one – or use the toolkit to make something beautiful online or at home!

Whatever type of action you plan, we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you want help and coaching, just fill out this form and organizers with the Stop the Money Pipeline campaign (which 198 methods is a part of) will be in touch.

We need action right now because construction of Line 3 is at a critical juncture. More than 240 people have already been arrested taking bold direct action to stop the construction of Line 3. Just a few weeks ago, Indigenous Water Protectors sang and prayed inside of a waaginogaaning, the traditional structure of Anishinaabe peoples, as allies locked to each other around the lodge, blocking Line 3 construction for hours.

After they were arrested, the Indigenous Water Protectors were strip-searched, shackled and kenneled ― for nonviolent misdemeanors. Meanwhile, Enbridge has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on riot gear, tear gas, and weapons for local militarized police forces that are regularly surveilling and harassing nonviolent Water Protectors.

This Friday, we have a critical chance to send a message to the banks and investors funding Line 3. But we need you to join us in action so we can #DefundLine3 before it’s too late.