We asked, now it’s time to deliver and save Juliana v US, America’s climate case

April 21 update – Tune in with us for a livestream of the rally at 1pm Eastern! You can watch live through our Facebook page, or on Our Children’s Trust’s Instagram!

  1. It’s not too late to join us or invite others! Join us at the White House this afternoon and wear blue to the rally, or click here to spread the word using our social toolkit!
  2. Can’t be there in person, but want to do more than watch? Click here to make something using the Art Kit from David Solnit

More info below if you need a reminder!

April 10 invite: The brave young plaintiffs in Juliana v US, aka the Youth v Gov trial, have spent 9 years fighting 22 attempts by three Presidents who wanted their case thrown out. We want President Biden to be different, and let the youth be heard. Thanks to activists like you, we’ve sent nearly 50,000 emails to President Biden, the Department of Justice, and top officials at the White House!

But we’re approaching the final moment to #SaveJuliana, and we need your help again!

Join us – in person or online – on Sunday April 21 at 1pm ET / 10am PT for a rally to defend America’s climate trial, and demand justice for young people and the planet.

The Juliana youth and their attorneys have already delivered their FINAL pleas to the U.S. Court of Appeals on why the Juliana 21 youth voices must be heard at trial. Members of Congress and tens of thousands of activists like you have backed them up. You can check out the whole timeline and history of actions that have led us to this moment at the Juliana v US website

Now it’s up to President Joe Biden, America’s self proclaimed #1 climate-grandpa, to decide. We need to let him know we’re still watching.

If you haven’t already, click here to send an email to President Biden and his top legal and climate advisors urging them to save the Juliana ‘Youth v Gov’ climate case, and let these young people have their day in court. And then RSVP to join us Sunday April 21 as we take our fight and your demands straight to the White House!

We can make history with America’s Climate Case, together.