Smoked, but not defeated, to end the era of fossil fuels

From June 8-12 thousands of us took action to demand an end to the era of fossil fuels. It was amazing.

There were more than 67 actions across 26 states – from a 300 person rally where nearly 100 people risked arrest in choking wildfire smoke to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline outside the White House, to a kayak action in Portland with 200 activists taking to the water.

Activist and Tennessee state representative Justin Pearson joined frontline leaders from Appalachia outside the White House on June 8th -- under skies smoky from the Canadian wildfires -- for a protest against the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Photo credit: Kevin Wolf, AP

You can check out some of the coverage here, here, here; including this op-ed from Brooklyn on how “the climate crisis canceled their climate rally.” And you can check out our social media accounts for more tweets, pictures, and videos to share.

The actions last week and weekend kicked off a season of escalation as we demand change from the Biden administration. The President’s continued approval of new fossil fuel projects like the MVP, Willow, Alaska LNG, and more is a slap in the face to the milions of people who voted for him, and all of us fighting for a safe livable climate.

As we’ve explained, our theory of change is that by escalating now, and in the lead up to the UN Climate Ambition Summit in New York this September we can hold Biden accountable for the promises he’s already made, and compel him to take bolder action like declaring a climate emergency, and using his existing authority to shut down new fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure.

If you’re ready to take the next step, RSVP for our September organizing kick off call this Thursday at 8pm ET | 5pm PT. We’ll hear from special guest Jane Fonda, and frontline leaders too, on how we can continue this amazing momentum and end the era of fossil fuels for good!

See you in the streets again soon.