This June: Escalate to end the era of fossil fuels

Powered by fossil fuels, the climate emergency is all around us: From the Pacific Northwest heat wave breaking records and fueling Canadian wildfires. To alarming new data showing that the oceans are so heated it could threaten the overturning currents that play a key role in regulating the planet’s energy balance.

And yet, the Biden Administration Just. Keeps. Approving. Carbon Bombs.

Willow, Alaska LNG, Rio Grande – the list goes on and on. Just this week President Biden’s team approved yet another permit for the Mountain Valley fracked gas Pipeline, the one we’ve been fighting for years. The principal problem, as we’ve been talking about since at least last year’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is that Biden wants to say yes to everything – to more renewable energy and electric cars, yes. But also to new extraction, more pipelines, more exports, and more climate chaos as a direct result.

We need to shock the White House and America’s ruling class out of this “all of the above” energy strategy. We need to take action on a massive, distributed, disruptive scale so that these so-called leaders understand – they need to end the era of fossil fuels. If you’re ready to take action, RSVP here to host or attend an action June 8-11 to demand President Biden end the era of fossil fuels!

Here’s why we think these actions can work, right now: United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres is hosting a global Climate Ambition Summit in New York City this September where the “ticket to entry” is tangible action to keep fossil fuels in the ground. So far, Biden won’t make the cut because he’s approved the Willow Arctic oil project, the Alaska LNG project, and leased more federal lands and waters to fossil fuel extraction than even Presidential fossil fascist Donald Trump.

By taking action this summer with national and international partners, we can make it clear that siding with Big Oil is a political liability for Biden. Biden already has the authority to meet our demands: No more fossil fuels; Fossil fuel phase out now; and Declare a climate emergency.

What we need to demonstrate is that there’s a political consequence to the status quo of approving new fossil fuels and new renewable energy at the same time. If we’re bold, creative, non-violent, and disruptive, we’ll create an irresistible incentive for politicians like Biden to do the right thing. A key piece of this escalation arc will be distributed actions June 8-11th as we show our resolve, and our power. Join us to take direct action against oil and gas developments as we call on Biden to use his presidential powers to stop approving new fossil fuels.

Some direct actions will be at the site of pollution- like action to shut down a coal-fired power plant in Bow, New Hampshire. Others will be at the point of decision – like the rally and action at the White House on June 8 to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Wherever you live, and however you’re comfortable taking action, we need you now – summon your courage, find a few friends and neighbors, and get ready to take to the streets June 8-11.

Sign up to join us at an action near you! Or, if there’s nothing on the map yet in your area, sign to host something, and use these links to get the tools and training you need: