Keep hope sharp like an axe, and let’s end the era of fossil fuels.

June 7 update – As you’ve no doubt heard, the Northeast is blanketed in smoke from Western Canada’s wildfires. It’s led to some dramatic pictures of the New York skyline, terrible air quality that’s making people sick, and (re)awakened a lot of people to the need for urgent action on the climate crisis. RSVPS are pouring in for our actions to end the era of fossil fuels.

Wherever you are, and especially if you’re near enough to get on a bus, train, or bicycle and get to DC – Join us in the streets starting tomorrow to take action.

I’m sending some quick reminder emails about some of our favorite actions tonight, and we’ll have photos, live streams and other resources throughout the next few days on our social media accounts. Tune in with us and take action! (More info and links to the action map in our June 2 message below)

June 2 message The Senate voted Thursday night to pass the dirty debt ceiling deal by a wide margin. Senator Kaine’s amendment, the only Democratic amendment considered, to remove the pro-MVP portions of the deal failed earlier in the evening on a 30-69 vote.

For the thousands of us who called, sent letters, posted on social media, and otherwise took action this is obviously a disappointment. And for folks on the frontlines — in Appalachia, the Gulf South, and anywhere existing laws like NEPA are helping to slow or prevent fossil fuel projects — it’s not just disappointing, it’s dangerous. As our friends said last night, despite our fierce opposition, Congress sacrificed Appalachia. “Our hearts are broken but our bonds are strong.”

If you’re frustrated, angry, disappointed, sad – honor those feelings with action. Answer the call by leaders on the frontlines and join us in action next week to share your feelings with the world, and take non-violent direct action to end the era of fossil fuels.

Especially if you’re near enough to get to DC — including on one of our buses from North Carolina, Virginia, or West Virginia — special appeal to join me in rage, grief, and solidarity at the White House on June 8 at 2pm. Bring your whole self and prepare to risk arrest with us as we lay the Mountain Valley Pipeline, in particular, at Biden’s doorstep.

Biden's climate Embarrassment banner

This is a tough loss, with real consequences for real people’s lives. Appalachia has been sacrificed, again, for fossil fuel profits. Hungry Americans will have a harder time accessing food. And MAGA extremists will be emboldened to push for more pipelines, more fossil fuels, and more cruelty in US budget policy because now they know that taking the economy hostage works and that President Biden will not only negotiate, but give in to them on key demands.

But the resistance we mounted was also notable, and noted by a lot of press and politicians. More than 100 climate hawks in Congress backed us on amendments and procedural motions. But, if we’re honest with each other, we were never going to end the era of fossil fuels because the US House or Senate voted on it.

This has been a bruising, exhausting week. Let your emotions radicalize you in this moment, and move you into action. Keep hope sharpened like an axe, and let it propel you out the door. Let it drive you to take risk, and recruit others to join you. Together, I still believe that we will win — and I will see you in the streets to make it fucking happen.