Murdered by police while defending the forest

Last week, Manuel “Tortuguita” Páez Terán, was murdered by police while occupying a stretch of the Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta. They were there to stop “Cop City” a massive, privately funded, police training and militarization compound.  

That same night, after murdering a peaceful forest defender, police arrested other comrades and charged them with domestic terrorism. Other activists and allies have been arrested and charged with trumped up domestic terrorism charges as well.

Click here or call 833-971-2490 to contact call Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens and demand that he cancel the Cop City project​, and open an independent investigation into the murder of Manuel “Tortuguita” Páez Terán by police​. There are talking points and more resources on the page.

This is a dangerous time for all of us who seek peace, and defend the land, water, and climate — this killing is an escalation by the police. As an abolitionist climate action group, we’ve called for defunding and dismantling the police and prison industrial complex for years – and the other activists who were arrested and charge with domestic terrorism are part of a trend that includes the passage of “critical infrastructure laws” that criminalize nonviolent protest of climate and environmental devastation. You’ve seen that violence directed against Indigenous water protectors and their allies in the fights against DAPL and Line 3, and more.

Nor are police and paramilitary killings of climate activists uncommon around the world. But to the best of our knowledge this is the first time a state (in this case the State of Georgia) police force has murdered a non-violent activist on US soil. To have any chance of a safe, sustainable future we’re calling on all climate activists — and especially those who have already been called to take or support non violent direct action like our relative Tortuguita — to take action in their memory.

You can start with a quick call to the Mayor of Atlanta demanding an open and impartial investigation of Tortuguita’s murder and an end to Cop City. You may also want to donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which provides legal and bail resources to other activists arrested protesting Cop City.

​After you take action, and over the next few days, we’ll be sharing more resources from the website Stop Cop City Solidarity. You can get a head start, if you like, by taking further actions online – or by finding a local contractor, consultant, or investor in Cop City and planning an event in your community.