Meet us in Atlanta to Stop Cop City

It was just over a month ago that the police murdered Atlanta activist and forest defender Tortuguita.

In the weeks since we have spoken out to demand accountability and an independent investigation, and seen clear evidence of a cover up and misinformation. We have also joined activists all over the world in rising up to declare that Cop City must never be built, and to defend the forest everywhere.

Despite all that we have seen and done, Atlanta politicians have continued to issue permits, and banks, financiers and contractors have continued to write checks to build Cop City. Construction crews have moved in under armed gaurd to destroy the Weelaunee Forest.

That is why we’re asking everyone who can to come to Atlanta from March 4-11th for a Mass Mobilization to #StopCopCity. Click here for more information on what to expect, what to bring, and why this Mass Mobilization is so important:

If you’re planning travel, the Mobilization will begin on March 4th at 11am with a rally at Greshman Park. Local Atlanta organizers are asking for as many people as possible to be at the rally and through March 5th, there will be a music festival in the Weelaunee Forest with dozens of amazing performances.

The rest of the week will be filled with actions, protests, community events, and teach-ins, check the website, and stay tuned for more updates If you want to get pumped, or explain the campaign to a friend, watch and share this short video:

We also wanted to thank everyone who has organized and participated in a solidarity protest or event during the Week of Solidarity Actions that’s happening right now. If you haven’t been a part of a solidarity event yet, it’s not too late! The week of action continues until February 26, and we’ll have even more actions you can take, wherever you live, soon.

Thanks, together, we will #StopCopCity