Call now to tell President Biden: Rafah was the red line, Ceasefire now

The Israeli military has begun a ground invasion of Rafah, seizing the border crossing with Egypt and cutting off vital aid. Rafah was one of the last areas of Gaza that was a declared safe zone, and the center for all humanitarian aid distribution.

Almost the entire population of Gaza was displaced into Rafah and now has nowhere left to flee. Weeks ago President Biden said an invasion of Rafah was a “red line” that he warned the Israeli military and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to cross.

Call now to tell President Biden and your Senators: Rafah was the red line, Ceasefire now.
(I know it’s incredibly frustrating that the White House only accepts phone calls from the public for four hours a day, 3 days a week. This is still the best way to send a phone message to the President, and most Senators will at least accept a voicemail after hours. So keep at it and push * on your phone to move on to the next person if you get shut out.)

For weeks the international community and global peace-makers have tried to negotiate a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel. Protests have sprung up on college campuses and community squares all over the US calling for a ceasefire – only to be met with violence and police oppression.

The sticking point in peace negotiations has been Israel’s insistence that it must invade Rafah. President Biden and the U.S. have spoken out against any possible invasion of Rafah, but Israel has defied them all.

Today Hamas said that it has accepted a cease-fire deal, but Israel has said that it does not accept the same terms. President Biden must pressure Israel to accept a permanent cease-fire, and to stop its genocidal invasion of Rafah. Make a call to President Biden, and then send a quick email to your member of Congress as well.


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  2. Tufani SenGupta

    President Biden, you must pressure Israel to accept a permanent cease-fire, and to stop its genocidal invasion of Rafah.

  3. Mr. President, You got yourself into this terrible tragedy by your absolute support of Netanyahu with billions of military weapons, and now you are trying to stop this ethnic cleansing, and Netanyahu is ignoring you. At the same time, you have divided our country by letting the police harass and end their legitimate protest in accordance with the First Amendment. Please resign, Mr. President. You have implicated all of us in a virtual genocide.
    Herman C. Waetjen, Professor of Biblical Theology