Spark Joy(e) Extinguish Fossil Fuels – a beautiful day to honor a beautiful soul

Late Friday night we wrapped up the amazing Spark Joy(e), Extinguish Fossil Fuels day of action. If you missed the earlier posts and emails, this was to honor Joye Braun, a true warrior for climate justice and a force of nature who died late last year. In her honor, hundreds of people rallied in dozens of cities on January 20th, 2023 to push President Biden to take bold climate action.

I was in DC, where we hung posters all around the White House, Department of Interior, and Bureau of Indian Affairs – all of whom Joye had a long and storied history of fighting. Click on the Hashtags for #JoyeBraunDay or #PeoplevsFossilFuels to see more actions from all over the country. And in case you missed it earlier, click here to see the recap of our Thursday action at FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

It was a wonderful day of action, and a great way to remember our sister and warrior leader.

As our friends said on the virtual rally before our day of action: this is how we honor our fallen relatives – with action and conviction. I’ll always remember walking up to the Department of Interior of Joye’s birthday, and telling a dozen new friends to listen to Joye’s spirit, find their inner warrior, and walk right past the cops and enforcers of the status quo to lay their hands on the arc of justice, and give it a little push.

In the struggle and in sorrow, Drew