Just Say No Joe, to LNG expansion and more

Biden is breaking his climate promise, again

The Biden administration is on the verge of breaking their climate promises, again. We’ve already told you about the disastrous decision to permit the Willow Arctic Oil project, which there’s still time for the Administration to reverse, if they’re serious about climate action. But now there’s news from the so-called G7 meeting, this is a …

IPCC graphic showing that we are on track to produce 110% more fossil fuels than we can burn

Breaking #ClimateReport news: 110% more climate chaos forecast

Today, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their latest and most comprehensive #ClimateReport. You can read it here. It’s bad. The IPCC has clearly and repeatedly sounded the alarm that countries must meet their promise to keep global warming below 1.5ºC in order to protect people and the planet. And they …

The world needs a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. Sign if you agree

Sign now to support the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

We all know that fossil fuels are the root cause of climate crisis, which is why scientists and climate leaders around the world have been telling us that we have to limit their production, use and expansion. But the Paris Agreement never even uses the words “fossil fuels” and does nothing to reduce their production, …

Stop Jordan Cove - sign now

Stop Jordan Cove

The Jordan Cove gas terminal in Oregon would cause 36 million tons of global warming pollution. Sign here to stop it before Trump’s FERC closes the door!

Tell the Senate, Climate deniers can't lead EPA.

Vote imminent on Wheeler

Quick update – Andrew Wheeler, Trump’s climate-destroying nominee to lead the EPA is on the Senate calendar today for a so-called “unanimous consent” vote. That’s the same motion that Lisa Murkowski used more than a year ago to whisk through several nominees to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. At that time, no single Senator objected, …

Don't let Trump Control the UN climate Talks

Don’t let Trump control the UN climate Talks

Next month, representatives from every country in the world will meet to decide how to implement the Paris Agreement at the COP24 UN climate talks. Donald Trump is the only world leader to have rejected the agreement, and the science of Climate Change. And Trump is coordinating with fossil fuel companies, polluters and dictators to …

Coal plant - sign by Jan 16

Sign Here: Forward on climate, not one step back on Clean Power Plan

It’s no secret that Trump and his EPA toady Scott Pruitt are climate deniers. They’ll do (and have done) anything to give more power to the coal, oil and gas industry in their relentless pursuit of a more polluted and unequal union. Now Pruitt’s EPA wants to repeal the Clean Power Plan — Obama’s signature rule …