What a week – did it work to shut down climate chaos?

From September 12-20, we took action in the streets of New York again and again and again to shut down climate chaos and demand President Biden, Wall Street Banks, and other rich and powerful leaders take action to end the era of fossil fuels fast, fair, and forever.

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But a fundamental question that’s always worth asking at the end of these mass mobilizations is: did it work? Did the people we were protesting, disrupting, and calling out & in actually take action? As usual, there isn’t one simple answer, but I think we’re making progress.

Pro – the case for progress

Con – the case against progress

So, where does that leave us? Not just where we started – something big happened last week as evidenced by the media coverage, the more than half a million people who took action around the world, and the reactions from world leaders including President Biden. We’re in what revolutionary non-violence scholars call a “moment of the whirlwind” when mass action and civil resistance draw in huge numbers of new supporters, and a paradigm shift in policy, politics, and action becomes possible.

So thank you to everyone who took action over the last few weeks to get us here and push the movement forward to the point where we’re balanced on top of a big fulcrum. Whether you signed a petition, marched in the streets, or took non-violent direct action to shut down a bank, the Federal Reserve, or another target — You got us here, together. And now, we need to keep pushing, to make sure the mass mobilization tips over the fulcrum, and becomes an unstoppable movement for change. We’ve already won some big victories. Now, we need to keep pushing to make sure Biden and other leaders follow through on ALL the demands.

If you haven’t already, you can sign on here to support the demands of the march and our week of action – or you can chip in here to help us cover the costs of all of last week’s mobilizations and actions, and to keep us fighting and organizing for the next one. Most importantly, stay tuned for more actions to take – online and in the streets – in the days and weeks ahead. Change is coming soon, we’ve made sure of that already. Let’s make sure it’s the change we want and need to see for our climate and common home.