Anger and action: Join us in the streets!

It has been an angry, crazy-making couple of days: Donald Trump continues to process through one court after another while maintaining his lead in the polls (at least for the Republican primary); His competitors for the Republican Presidential nomination all deny climate change is a real problem, with one – fossil fuel profiter Vivek Ramaswamy – calling it a “hoax”; And we observed the anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr King’s “I have a dream” speech, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and a continuing cycle of one climate-fueled weather disaster after another just in the last weeknot to mention all the records, norms, and expectations that have been smashed this summer overall.

Maybe all this anger is good. A new study says that anger is by far the most powerful emotion for spurring climate action. So go ahead, get mad! As long as that anger moves you into action. And if you’re looking for some useful ways to channel your anger into action, make a plan to join us at the march to end fossil fuels this September 17, and for the waves of non violent direct action right before and after the march.

Why should you join us and take action?

1. There’s No Time to Waste: As the anger inducing events of the last week show, our future has been hijacked by fossil fuels and their fascist political allies. We take action to reclaim our power and determine our own future. By marching and taking action with us, you send a powerful message that we will not be silent while our planet suffers. Demand a just transition away from fossil fuels now.

2. Demand Accountability:  We need bold action for a livable future – a climate emergency declaration is just the start of the massive mobilization of civil society we need. But the fossil fuel industry is holding our democracy and economy captive.  We’ve reached a breaking point, and it’s time to hold those responsible for the climate crisis accountable. Biden can no longer hide behind his words. He must be made to listen to us and usher in the end of the fossil fuel era. 

3. Inspire Change: Your participation in the march will inspire others to take action. By taking a visible stand, you can inspire your friends, family, and neighbors to join the fight to end fossil fuels. Be the catalyst for change in your community and empower others to join the movement for a fossil-free future.

4. Be Part of History: This march is a historic moment in the fight against climate change. People on every continent will join the largest climate mobilization since the pandemic to demand the end of fossil fuels. By being part of this collective action, you become an integral part of a movement that is shaping the future of our planet. Together, we can create a legacy of climate justice for future generations.

Now is the time to turn your anger into action. If you can make it to the big March in NYC on September 17, or to any of the actions happening around the world September 15-17please doIf you cannot, you can chip in here to support our organizing.