Sign to stop Trump & fossil fueled fascists

On April 12, President Biden raised prices for fossil fuel companies who drill or mine on public lands. The day before Biden’s announcement, Trump held a private dinner at his Mar-a-Lago Club and resort with two dozen fossil fuel barons, including executives from Chevron, ExxonMobil, and more – the event raised huge sums of money for Trump’s Presidential campaign.

On April 25, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Trump’s claims of total immunity, and appeared poised to help Trump evade consequences, and retake power.

These two events, less than two weeks apart, make it clear that this election is about climate change vs fossil fuels, and fascism vs democracy. Fossil fuels are largely funding Trump’s campaign, and the Supreme Court and other MAGA extremists are enabling Trump’s return to power – with all the extraction, violence, and hate that will cause.

We can stop this. Only we can save our democracy, and our climate. Sign now to say you reject fossil fuels, and the fascists they fund.

We’ve been telling you about Trump, fossil fuels, and fascism for a while now. We’ll keep reminding you about the facts and the stakes each time there’s a big court case or other reminder, because polls show that a majority of voters, especially young voters and voters of color, have either forgotten or never knew how bad things were under Trump.

We’ll also keep reminding you about Trump, fascism, and fossil fuels because he’s already engaged in insurrection once, and it looks like he’ll evade consequences. So Trump is absolutely going to to use violence, intimidation, and illegal actions to regain power. Fossil fuels are the main financiers of Trump and his fellow fascists, but (as we’ve seen before) they can be shamed into backing off or at least hiding their support if and when things get violent.

Petitions like this one are an important step in the process, not a solution to fossil fueled fascism. By signing and sharing petitions like this one now, before the Supreme Court rules and (most likely) delays Trump’s insurrection trial until after the election, you send a message to other elected leaders, judges, and most important to the fossil fuel baddies funding fascists, that you see them and know what they’re up to. In 2020, we successfully defeated a violent insurrection, a ton of gerrymandering and voter suppression, and more by raising awareness and growing the anti-fascist wing of the climate justice movement.

Stand with us and collectively we will vote, organize, non-violently protest and take direct action to stop and reject fossil fuel fascism in America.