Come to the White House on June 8 to #StopMVP

After almost a decade of fighting the Mountain Valley pipeline, frontline leaders are calling us back into action at the White House on June 8. Read their call to action here:

We’re organizing an affinity group to join a non violent direct action as part of the event to demonstrate our resolve, and show that the NoMVP movement is prepared to take action and put our bodies and freedom on the line to stop this pipeline. This will be similar to the actions many of us took at the White House in 2021 as part of the week of action that launched the People vs Fossil Fuels coalition.

Can you join me and frontline #StopMVP activists on June 8th at 2 pm ET in front of the White House? RSVP here and check the box to indicate you are willing to risk arrest.

We’ve been organizing for 2.5 years to hold the Biden administration accountable on their climate commitments. It’s time to get on the street and reclaim the energy that led to our victory over the Keystone XL pipeline. This is a direct ask from the Appalachian communities that are being sacrificed by Biden and Manchin that you help them by showing up in large numbers and risking arrest to demand Biden stop MVP.

This event is also only one of a series of events – more than 3 dozen already planned as part of an escalation on the Biden Administration to end the era of fossil fuels starting June 8-11, and continuing throughout the summer right up to the United Nations’ climate ambition summit in September. Get the plan, find more events, and prepare to take action here.