Act now to stop the next dirty deal before it starts

Last year we stopped Manchin’s zombie dirty deal not once, or twice, but three times. But it’s still wasn’t enough.

Fossil fueled fascists in Congress have been hard at work trying to get the zombie plan known as “permitting reform” back up and shuffling. They made it the centerpiece of the GOP-Controlled House’s first bill, H.R. 1. And it’s the main thrust of their totally dishonest debt ceiling plan this week.

But what’s beyond frustrating isn’t that Republicans and fossil fueled members of Congress are still trying to build pipelines and other projects; What’s maddening is that Democrats are willing to negotiate with them, and are already talking about which one of our fundamental rights to trade away — which is a death sentence for frontline communities.

But you don’t have to take my word for it a Senate committee held its first hearing today on this big oil bailout. Check out the video from our friends at Act.Tv and Fossil Free media, and then Sign here to tell Congress: Enough with the dirty deals! Focus permitting reform on clean energy ONLY.

Fossil fuel fascists are running capitol hill, and driving the entire conversation on so-called permitting reform right now. After announcing the record-shattering profits they made by gouging our families at the pump, Big Oil CEOs still shamelessly have their hands out for more – and their friends in Congress are scrambling to help.

These bills and negotiations won’t expedite clean energy development, but they will give a major boost to Big Oil and gas CEOs. In fact, these proposals are straight out of the fossil fuel industry’s playbook. Any concessions Senate Democrats or President Biden make now will only further undermine the climate action they have already promised to cut emissions in half over the next seven years, and to ‘net zero’ by 2050.

But there is a way to reform clean energy permitting and expedite the buildout of clean power. It involves focussing on the problems we have — like power line siting and grid interconnection for renewable energy. And we need Congressional action to make real changes — like turning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC, into a Federal Renewable Energy Commission (FREC).

There is no place for the Dirty Deal in a clean energy transition. There are better ways to safely streamline clean energy infrastructure, some of which were already passed in the Inflation Reduction Act. The compromises and sacrifices of a fossil-fuel-backed, GOP-led permitting reform bill are too great – real communities will be the ones to face the consequences while Big Oil executives cash out.

Make your voice heard by signing here and share the video to uplift the voices of those on the frontlines of this permitting fight.