No dinner parties on a burning planet

This Saturday, April 29, is the White House Correspondents dinner – known colloquially as the “nerd prom” by elite media and political operators. Traditionally, it’s a light hearted evening of fun where the President of the United States and the media that cover him take a break from the daily grind and share a meal, maybe a drink or two, and have some fun.

Not to be a party pooper, but this is not the moment for causal, uncritical frivolity. The planet is on fire. The Seas are rising. In the last few weeks, President Biden approved not one, but two massive carbon bomb fossil fuel projects, each bigger than the last — and that’s just in Alaska. Last week, to honor earth day, Biden held a celebration of Environmental Justice at the White House, on the same day the Secretary of Energy wrote a letter endorsing the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

We’re teaming up with a new group we’ve told you about before – Climate Defiance – to shut down the White House Correspondents Dinner and demand Biden declare a climate emergency, and end the era of fossil fuels. Will you join us?

If you’re not sure about protest, direct action, or what we’re up to – we’ve got three trainings coming up that can help you get u to speed

You can also get more details, sign up for updates, read the FAQ and check out the ride board and other logistics at the Climate Defiance home page. We have travel stipends, lodging, and other logistics ready for you, if you’re ready to RSVP and join us at the White House Correspondents dinner.

See you there.