Break up with bad banks

We’ve told you heart breaking stories about the Big Four Fossil Banks — Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, or Wells Fargo — for years. The simple truth is that these banks are cheating on you with fossil fuels.

While you sleep, thinking you’re a good person for saving money and paying your credit card bill on time, your savings account or credit card balance is stepping out and financing dirty oil and gas projects all over the world. The dirtiest fossil fuels in the world are financed with money from our bank accounts, credit cards, and 401ks.

But as our friend Bill McKibben says, “The next phase of the climate fight is going to center on the big banks that fund the fossil fuel industry. It’s going to be big, loud, and important.”

That’s why this Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraging everyone to break up with dirty fossil fuel banks for good. Sign the pledge now with us and Third Act (Bill and crew’s new group for senior climate activists) and we’ll get you the details on how to cut up your card and take non violent direct action that hits fossil fuels where it hurts, in the wallet, later this spring.

Some of you may have already signed similar pledges last year or thought about moving your money. But whether you’ve signed before, haven’t had a chance yet, or aren’t totally sure if or when to cut up your credit or debit card, now’s the time to sign on.

We have a plan to deliver all the signatures to the bank CEOs and bank branches later this month. And then, if they don’t meet our demands by the time the first bank shareholder meetings role around, we’ll be ready. Don’t cut up your cards yet, though! On March 21st (3.21.23), we’re going to make good on our pledges with a massive Day of Action to Stop the Dirty Banks. Join us!

We’ve got lots of resources to help you make the switch to fossil free banks and credit cards.

But before you cut up your card, move your money, or break up with a bad bank, sign this simple pledge first. It’ll get you in the flow to take action later this spring, and it’ll put all the Bank CEOs on notice that we’re serious about climate action, NOW.