Become a customer for climate justice and bank on action, not on climate change

Since the Paris Agreement was signed, Wall Street banks have loaned nearly $1.2 trillion to the fossil fuel industry. That money isn’t coming from the government, or from rich investors — it’s coming from regular customers with bank accounts and credit cards just like you and me.

Now, customers like you and me are fighting back.

In the last few months, more than 10,000 customers of the biggest and dirtiest Wall Street banks like Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo have joined the Customers for Climate Justice campaign and sent letters to the CEOs of their banks. Will you join us?

If you have a bank account, credit card, or any other financial relationship with Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and/or Wells Fargo, sign our open letter, demanding that these banks stop funding the fossil fuel industry.

When banks, pension funds, and other asset managers use customers’ money to fund fossil fuels, they put our lives, livelihoods and climate at risk. Yet, those very same banks claim to care about the concerns of their customers. That’s why customers have a special leverage to demand that their bank does better.

In the next few months, our campaign with Stop the Money Pipeline intends to organize tens of thousands of bank customers to collectively demand climate justice from their financial institution. We’ll start later this month delivering demands for climate and environmental justice to Bank of America

CEOs like Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan will have a choice: Ignore the demands customers like us and risk losing business and reputation, or stop funding fossil fuels.

Sign up today, and we’ll support you with all kinds of campaigns and actions: from setting up meetings with financial advisors and branch managers, to sending emails, making phone calls, and writing good old-fashioned letters to bank executives. It all starts with a simple signature, and telling us which banks you’re a customer with right now.

Sign-on to the Customers for Climate Justice Open Letter to CEOs. Together, we can push our banks to stop financing fossil fuels and deforestation.

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  1. We need climate change NOW!!!!