Gear up in our new store to celebrate the solstice and our work!

Today is the winter solstice – meaning that from now until next summer, the days will only get warmer, longer, and sunnier. It’s fitting that the solstice comes just after we got word that Manchin’s dirty deal has been defeated a fourth (and we hope, final) time this year!

Senate negotiators announced early Tuesday that they had agreed on the terms of a massive $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill, and that Manchin’s dirty deal has been left out of the final package. This after a flurry of nervous emails, calls and rumors that Manchin would try again to insert his same fossil fuel wish list into an unrelated spending package with an un-moveable deadline.

In short, things are looking up! We’re excited for the new year, and planning big plans for 2023. But we wanted to take a minute and celebrate the victory with all of you who called, texted, emailed, posted on social media and so, so much more this year. And since lots of folks are also exchanging gifts this holiday season, or showing up in-person to protests, rallies, strikes and other events: We’re making protest look goooood by launching our new store – and offering you 20% off anything you order when you use the click here or use the code “DirtyDeal.

Head on over and pick yourself out a stylish “I killed the dirty deal” T-shirt or hoodie.

Or if you’re feeling generous but don’t need more stuff – Chip in here to support our work in 2023 fighting Manchin and whatever the fossil fueled fascists come up with next! We’ll buy a limited supply of hoodies and tshirts and give the to top act, organizers and friends on your behalf.

Hope you’re having a great solstice and a relaxing end of your year. We’ll be back next week with a recap (in charts and graphs, as is our custom) of all our 2022 work – as well as a look ahead at some of our plans and schemes for 2023.

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