Act fast to stop the New Fortress fossil gas export boondoggle.

We told you a few weeks ago about the crazy, disaster-prone plan by New Fortress Energy to build a massive fracked gas export terminal off the coast of Louisiana, right in the heart of an environmental justice community and a likely spot for a hurricane.To be able to export the gas, New Fortress is also seeking approval from the Department of Energy (DOE) – the same Agency FERC is a (independent, supposedly) part of. And DOE secretary Granholm has been entirely too cozy with the fossil fuel industry the last few weeks.

We only have until Monday to send a public to comment demanding the Biden administration deliver on their commitment to environmental justice. They need to know that any new fossil fuel project undermines environmental justice and climate goals. Will you send a quick comment with our friends at People vs Fossil Fuels to tell the Department of Energy to reject applications like New Fortress’ that will lock us into fossil fuels for years to come?

As we told you earlier, New Fortress plan is audacious, almost laughably so: They propose to build build the first offshore LNG export facility in US history, have it running in 12 months, and then ship an eye-popping 11 million metric tons of fuel annually. Coming from a company that mostly owned power plants until last year and a billionaire best known for owning a basketball team it wouldn’t normally be a serious proposal.

And it’s not a brilliant plan: New Fortress’ floating LNG terminal would be built off the shore of Grand Isle Louisiana. As the only inhabited barrier island off the LA coast it’s been ravaged over and over again in recent years by sea level rise, hurricanes, and industrial pollution. The mostly black, brown and indigenous community that lives on Grand Isle is still rebuilding from Hurricane Ida.

New Fortress want’s Biden and Granholm to give them permission to build an enormous, untested, dangerous, polluting LNG terminal before the community has a chance to respond. Click here to tell President Biden and his team to say no.