Tell Schumer: stuff Manchin, it’s now or never. No climate, no deal.

We were going to write you an email that Sen Joe Manchin (coal-fired-asshole, WV) was once again mucking up President Biden’s plan’s for a build back better climate bill by demanding Biden approve massive new fossil fuel projects like the MVP, drilling in the Gulf and Alaska, and more in exchange for paltry investments in renewable energy and clean tech.

And then, well, this happened:

A headline in the Washington post reads "Manchin says he won't support any new climate spending or tax hikes on wealthy"

So, there you have it, again. Manchin has blown up talks with President Biden and congressional leadership because despite being offered everything he said he wanted — none of which our climate and communities could afford — he still wont vote for any legislation that addresses the climate crisis.

At this point, it’s hard to even be shocked or outraged anymore. Democrats were elected on the most pro-climate platform in American history. To a person, every elected leader we’ve got says the climate crisis is an “existential threat” demanding immediate action. But it’s been 2 years, and Joe Manchin is still calling all the shots, dictating the worst possible policy outcomes to Pelosi, Schumer and Biden.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that Congressional leadership and President Biden now have nothing to gain by negotiating with or ceding power to Joe Manchin. And it’s not too late, and none too early, for them to get serious and act at the speed and scale that the crisis demands. What Sen Sheldon Whitehouse last night called “executive Beast Mode” on twitter.

That includes several of our favorite and recommended policies:

If you agree – if you’re fed up with this nonsense and want Congressional Climate leaders to start acting on climate, and to hell with Joe Manchin and his obstruction, take any or all of the actions above, and then make a call:

You can reach Sen Schumer, who has the power to negotiate (or not) with Joe Manchin, and who can take away his committee chair anytime he chooses at 866-581-3558: Tell Schumer’s staff “We told you Joe Manchin was a liar and a cheat. Stop playing footsie with climate deniers already and play hardball. Put a reconciliation bill that ends the era of fossil fuels on the floor like you promised months ago. If Manchin won’t vote for it, kick him off the Senate Energy Committee.”

If you’re really fed up, we also encourage you to make a plan and join us at the Congressional Baseball game on July 28 for the “Now or Never” protest that intends to shut down Congress’ play time unless they pass climate legislation this month. We’ll have more on this action and how to get involved next week.

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  1. Arthur Delgadillo

    Demote that dirty rotten Manchin immediately!‼️ He serves only his own selfish greedy self interest and not the needs of the PEOPLE ‼️

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