Tell FERC: no more excuses, deny the MVP extension request.

** Good News Update ** After hammering them with more than 5,000 comments and emails, FERC has agreed to extend the comment period on MVP’s extension request (a little) to July 29. This means we have two more weeks to keep gathering comments before we need to deliver.

Here’s how to help with the new deadline:

We’ve been telling you for years about the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), a 300+ mile long fracked-gas pipeline from fracking fields in Pennsylvania, through West Virginia & Virginia, all the way into North Carolina. The project is still years behind schedule, drowning in debt, and which even their investors admit has “a very low probability of pipeline completion.”

Well now, the MVP has requested a four year extension from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

On June 29th, 2022, FERC issued a public notice soliciting comments on MVP’s request — which is for more than 100% longer than they’ve already had (and failed) to build the pipelined — and yet FERC has only given us 15 days to respond Good news – the deadline was extended on July 12 to give us until the end of the month! Take action now with our coalition to demand FERC say NO to MVP’s rushed request, and deny the MVP any additional permits. Here’s how:

  1. Watch the recording of our comment writing party. You can learn how to write and submit a comment, how to be an intervenor and how to amplify the message that Mountain Valley Pipeline should not receive a 4 year extension for their certificate. The event will also be recorded and archived on our facebook page here
  2. Submit a quick comment online using our action form before July 14. We’ll deliver all the quick comments by July 14 and cc FERC’s office of Public Participation to make sure they get the message
    1. Make you comment count by following instructions here to submit your comment through FERC’s just-slightly-byzantine E-comment process.

FERC has a chance to say NO to MVP’s rushed request. It has the authority — and the responsibility — to protect water quality, the environment, public lands and communities. Your voice is critical. Tell FERC to deny MVP’s extension request before the July 14 deadlineOur success in court challenges means the company will miss its October 2022 deadline for completion. We believe we can stop this project once and for all.

Watch this video from allies at Protect Our Water Heritage Rights (POWHR) if you need to get caught up on the fight and the latest news.


  1. Stop the MVP extension now. Deni the extension. It hurts too many low income families.
    I live in WI. And am low income senior woman who can’t make ends meet at all. Grrr

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  3. No pipeline EVER. Water is essential for ALL, even those making profits. A pipeline WILL ..break one day. We
    must protect our environment to LIVE, YOU and me.

  4. Karen Mauermann

    Please DENY MVP’s request for a certificate extension, this pipeline has great risk of environmental damage, and MVP has totally mismanaged this project! DENY their extension!! Thank You