Day 1, People vs Fossil Fuels

Today was the first day of the People vs. Fossil Fuels mobilization in DC, the week of civilly disobedient protest to demand President Biden declare a climate emergency, and stop all fossil fuel projects we’ve been telling you about.

Today was amazing – more than 500 people marched together in solidarity and song to bring our message to the White House. When some of our crew, led by indigenous elders and ‘aunties’ from across turtle island, refused to disperse or recant our demands – 135 were arrested in peaceful protest.

Share the links and posts below to support us wherever you are, and make sure to follow our hashtag #PeoplevsFossilFuels all week on twitter, instagram, facebook and all other social media. It’s also not too late to come to DC and join me in nonviolent civil disobedience to demand an end to fossil fuels![0]=AZWxV5D1Y6Sg74gg2kwnShzmYURFuv1u26di9070BC2sDJbnwfO-69WpD89McDx9ieG036Su2S2gLlXP9ux94xvLiF3yr-Fyx87fg5kESPUUoicAbqLGT5fHsoOhrbLqgwHsypFwnZjkwKen7U0oUqtLf67dR0Qc2qGbvG5K5yt4A1J7LshYjSuevVaJVy1gtZ32K_sVbxJgtxkWYJork9zr6npHEKuvfFkXVtzrW_4nTw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

One Comment

  1. It’s not just people, it’s all multicellular life versus fossil fuels. I’m certifiably on the side of life! Biden is only doing a bit to help when he could be doing much more. Congress? Deadlocked piece of you know what, particularly with the filibuster in place and wandering (wondering? sundering!) Democrats who don’t remember why they got elected (and won’t get elected again). What this country has become in my lifetime (70) stultifies the imagination and beggars the vocabulary.