Corrupt and Corrupter – an update on Sec. Bernhardt

To help drive home the point that David Bernhard, Trump’s climate-denying Interior Secretary, is one of the most corrupt members of the cabinet, our allies this week are driving a giant billboard around the streets of Washington DC. But, well, you sort of have to see it:

“This billboard, which should turn some heads, would be funny if so much wasn’t at stake,” said Jayson O’Neill, deputy director of the Western Values Project.

WVP is just one of the allies who’ve helped us gather more than 100,000 signatures so far calling on Congress to investigate Bernhardt. If you haven’t already, you can sign on here or share this message with your friends online to spread the word!


  1. We desperately need to get rid of Trump and all of his appointed criminal cronies. Trump and his administration are obviously doing everything they can to exploit and loot America and the world. Trump and his cronies do not care one little bit about you, me, this country or the planet. Everybody needs to get out there and VOTE in 2020! Our future depends on it! Power to the people!

  2. Corruption is very very expensive for the rest of us!
    Also, we must mobilize to reverse climate-change!!!

  3. Our lives depend on caring for our environment…clean air, water, non-toxic soil.

    Ur life, ur children…doesn’t this matter to u?

  4. Save our environment, before it is to late.

  5. You would doom mankind?!

  6. It is time to fight the CORRUPTION head on!

  7. Climate change is real … shame on those who disregard the Planet by confusing the need to stop polluting & instead continuing pollutions to suit big business agenda!

  8. The president has done everything in his power to erase all programs to save Our Country and the world from a climate disaster!!! And he has erased everything to protect endangered species!!! I believe his motivation is MONEY and he doesn’t care what becomes of the world after he’s gone!!! His direction is to fill his pockets and he behaves much like Adolph Hitler!!! We desperately need to remove him from office and wipe out all of the horrible laws he has passed!!! Trump is the Enemy!!! His recurring theme is: “I will do business with anyone be it criminals, murderers and Our Country’s Enemies, AND I will alienate Our Allies!!!” How much more does he have to do before we take back Our Country and Clean up the mess he has made!!! And this doesn’t end with him, his cronies are just as culpable!!!

  9. We must preserve our National Parks for all citizens to use, see and enjoy. As native Americans believe — we are just taking care and preserving the USA. We do not own it
    Climate stability needs green areas, trees n waters.
    Keep America beautiful n great.

  10. The mess he has gotten us in will destroy the earth forever!

  11. God created this world and now the Republican party doing everything they can to destroy it!! All so the 1% can make a buck! I want to see you Republicans explain that to your GRANDKIDS!

  12. Illegitimate President Donald Trump, the most corrupt resident of the White House in our history, has replaced corrupt Ryan Zinke with another corrupt Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt.

    The apparent purpose of each member of Trump’s cabinet seems to be to dismantle the very department each has been appointed to lead and to reap as much personal benefit and as much benefit for their wealthy friends, both personal and corporate, as is possible.

    Do you remember the names Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, and Ryan Zinke. Each one left office after a scandal. Steve Mnuchin, Department of Treasury, presided over illegal foreclosures on hundreds of homeowners. Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, has done everything she can to degrade public education and to promote private schools at the expense of public schools. Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, stole 200 million dollars from business partners and is also involved in scandal. Ben Carson spent $31,000 of taxpayer money on a table. Now David Bernhardt is giving sweetheart deals to fossil fuel executives to make great profits from the natural resources that belong to all of us, thereby further polluting the planet in the process. What a great Secretary of the Interior! According to Trump, these are “the best people”! They are best at something at which Trump is also very skilled – corruption and greed.

  13. Protect climate refugees

  14. Carol and Dr. Craig Piernot, REFORMED republicans

    Three Amigos: Cory Gardner, David Bernhardt, Donald Trump! Dispose of each in 2020 and citizen-voters re-gain control of
    all 325+ Million American citizens US Senate, US Department of Interior, and the Executive Branch of our federal government.

  15. David Bernhard, Trump’s climate-denying Interior Secretary, is one of the most corrupt members of the cabinet