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We’ve told you before about the newly re-named and re-introduced A. Donald McEachin Environmental Justice For All Act.

The bill was reintroduced in late March by Rep. Grijalva, Rep. Barbara Lee, and Senators Tammy Duckworth and Cory Booker. And it is still the gold standard for how to guarantee every American’s right to clean air, water, and a safe climate.

Sign the petition urging Congress to pass the A. Donald McEachin Environmental Justice for All Act.

In 2018, Reps. Grijalva and McEachin toured the country and met with hundreds of frontline environmental justice groups and campaigners to create the most comprehensive environmental justice bill in history —the Environmental Justice For All Act.

We told you about the bill last year, and helped recruit enough cosponsors and supporters to get a it a critical hearing and bill introduction last Congress. But when Rep. McEachin unexpectedly died last year, just after winning re-election, we didn’t know what would become of the bill he had dedicated his life and work to.

Now we know: the Environmental Justice Act has been re-introduced, and the concept is gaining support in DC. At his Earth Day event last month (we weren’t invited, but we were busy wheat pasting climate art anyways), President Biden took special care to invite the #EJ4All act sponsors. And he used their attendance to issue a new Executive Order on environmental justice that creates a new White House Office of Environmental Justice, and expands the powers and requirements for the entire Executive Branch to consider Environmental Justice.

But it’s also clear what Biden’s executive order can not and does not do: it does not change the law, stop fossil fuels, or protect communities from excessive pollution. If an agency like FERC, the Army Corps, or the Department of Interior want to approve a massive new carbon bomb, all they have to do is check a box saying they “considered” it under Biden’s new Executive order. And, in fact, that’s exactly what FERC did with a massive new fossil fuel export terminal in Texas just last month!

All of this to say, President Biden is not taking action to stop fossil fuels or address the climate crisis. We need Congress to pass the Environmental Justice for All Act and give front-line communities the protection and tools they need! Add your name to this joint petition, and help us pass the EJ for All Act!

And once you do:

Thank you for signing on to support the Environmental Justice for All Act!

Thanks again for signing on to support the Environmental Justice for All Act in 2023! You can share the petition with your networks using the social media links below, or you can chip in $1.98 or more to help us deliver the demands this year.  If you prefer to donate via paypal, click here. 

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  2. Please clean up our air, water & environment. It’s a basic principle of what government is supposed to do. Protect.

  3. Martha K. Conant

    The click is ticking. Now is the time to act!

  4. We need to protect our God given home Mother Earth.

  5. My heart hopes so much that the right thing is done for our environment so that ALL living can live their life.🙏🏽