Zombie pipeline MVP is back. Water Protectors take action!

We’ve been telling you for years about the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), a 300+ mile long fracked-gas pipeline from fracking fields in West Virginia near Pennsylvania, through Virginia, and all the way into North Carolina.

The project is still years behind schedule, drowning in debt, and which locals have fought on land, in the courts, on the water, in the boardrooms, and from high up in the treesThousands of you already took action to tell the Forest Service to speak for the trees (thank you!) and stop the MVP — that comment deadline was extended until later in the month, so we’ll get back to you soon with more actions and updates. But in the meantime, we’ve got a new way to kill this zombie pipeline.

Some of you may know that the MVP has lost its Clean Water Act permits more than once, thanks to the diligent lawsuits and actions of pipeline fighters in WV and VA. But the fossil fuel fascists behind this climate disaster is back applying for a new permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, and we only have until Friday, February 10 to file comments!

Fortunately, our friends at POWHR have already put together comment guidelines and details, and we’ve worked with some allies to make a simple form so you can send a quick, official comment to the Army Corps and tell them to say NO to the MVP once and for all! Click here to send a comment quickly, before the Friday deadline.

MVP has twice lost its Clean Water Act permits under Section 404, which allow the pipeline to cross streams and other waterways. First in 2018, when the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated their nationwide permit. And then again in 2020 when the courts issued a stay of construction. Over and over, courts and local officials have found that the MVP is dirty, dangerous, and unnecessary. But Federal officials from FERC, to Joe Manchin (Fossil Fascist, WV), to the Army Corps have rubber stamped permit after permit for this project.

More than 600 streams, rivers and wetlands threatened by the MVP, including some of the steepest slopes, most delicate habitats, and the largest rivers along the pipeline route. The construction process will alter wetlands, harm drinking water sources, and disturb recreation and tourism — all to build a massive, unnecessary, fracked gas pipeline that will pollute our climate.

We know this pipeline will never be built. We say DOOM to the pipeline, and to this latest Army Corps permit.

Click here to send a comment to the Army Corps before Friday’s deadline.