No Cop City Anywhere. Defend the forest everywhere.

Frontline organizers in Atlanta are calling for urgent support to stop Cop City – and we’re answering the call with actions from coast, to coast, to coast. Here’s what you need to know

A few days ago we told you about Tortuguita, a leader in the campaign to stop cop city in Atlanta who was murdered by police on January 18. For years, forest defenders, abolitionists and local residents have defended the Weelaunee forest and prevented the construction of this massive police training compound.

Two weeks after Tortuguita’s murder, while we were still calling the mayor’s office to demand an investigation, they issued final permits for Cop City. This week, police escorted in heavy construction equipment under armed guard, a clear sign they intend to begin construction soon despite escalating opposition.

This is why we and other climate groups support abolition, stand with the people of Atlanta and honor Tortuguita. And we know that Cop City will never be built. If you stand with us, click here to get information and take action.

Here’s how to take action:

  1. Plan or join a local solidarity action from February 19-26th. These actions target the contractors and financiers of Cop City. many of them are familiar like Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo — so you may already know a good spot for a protest or a rally. But if you need more information to plan an event, join this webinar on Thursday night at 8pm ET to learn more. You’ll hear from forest defenders and abolitionists about what’s happening on the ground in Atlanta in the Weelaunee Forest, how you can join the upcoming Week of Solidarity Actions and more. 
  2. If you can get to Atlanta with a crew or affinity group, plan to join the Mass Mobilization in Atlanta March 4th-11th. We need to let the Atlanta Police Department, their foundation backers, know that this project is doomed. More details and support logistics are coming soon – mark the dates in your calendar and make your travel plans.

The power of the people, united, will stop Cop City. But to win, we must take action. That starts with you, in whatever community you live in. No action is too big or too small: Protest, sit-in, rally, teach-in, call and email the contractors building Cop City – every action has an impact. Click here to get the info you need to plan your solidarity event, and join the webinar on Thursday night to learn more.


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  2. Folks that have lived around or near the “forest” say it has been dumping ground, drug related and criminal activity place for years. Have you spoken with the neighbors who live around the “forest?” What groups do you know of who are willing to make it a safe place? I can get you in contact, I think, with a person who definitely does not support your present protest.

    I too believe a most important issues is the climate crisis along with the nuclear arsenal.

    Wishing you well.

    • Not sure who your “folks” are who complain about the forest, but I’d refer them to the local forest defense folks at I’d also direct them to some of the footnotes and links in that article – opposition to Cop City is coming from the local community, and from local institutions like Morehouse university faculty. Welcome to have your friend who objects email me directly.