Spark Joy(e) Extinguish Fossil Fuels next week

January 18 – 2 important updates:

Our original post is below, in case you want to check back on your local event or invite friends to join us.

Late last year, our movement and our world lost Joye Braun, a true warrior for climate justice and a force of nature. In her honor, we are encouraging everyone, everywhere to join a mass day of action on January 20th, 2023 to push the President to take bold climate action.

There are lots of ways to get involved:

Joye was famous as the first camper at standing rock. She fought the Keystone XL pipeline and won. And she met multiple times with the Biden Administration and senior White House staff to demand he declare a climate emergency, ban all fossil fuel extraction on public lands & waters, and stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure. If you’ve been with 198 methods for more than a few months, you probably remember Joye from her speeches at last year’s Appalachian Resistance comes to DC rally, or her deep leadership at the 2021 civil disobedience at the White House that launched People vs Fossil Fuels.

Here’s a video with some of those speeches and actions, as well as a call to join us in action on January 20, Joye’s birthday, and demand Biden finally listen to the wisdom, advice, and demands she made all her life:

Instead of shutting down drilling on public lands and waters as he promised, President Biden has approved more new drilling and extraction projects than even fossil fascist Trump ever did. And he’s been driving us headlong into climate catastrophe by approving more fossil fuel infrastructure like Line 3, the Sea Port Oil Terminal (SPOT), the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and more.

Avoiding climate disaster requires President Biden to stop all new oil and gas projects, defend human rights, and declare a climate emergency!

In the words of Joye herself: “President Biden: Be a climate warrior not a wimp. Kill the black snakes, reject all fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency.” Join us on this momentous day to demand Biden finally kill all the black snakes and declare a climate emergency.


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  2. Hi Drew and ALL of YOU ALL.
    President Biden, You’ve got the Power to end the climate crisis, Stop The use of fossil fuels forever, Stop the murderous Pipelines. PLEASE DO:
    And: Renewable Resources NOW
    to Save Earth. You CAN do it!
    President Joe: PLEASE DO!