No more sacrifice zones – take action to stop Manchin’s dirty deal.

Sept 27 update – The Senate is scheduled to vote today on whether to attach Manchin’s dirty deal to a must pass government funding bill. This is the moment we’ve been fighting for – an up or down vote on Manchin’s dirty deal and every Senator really matters.

Click here to call your Senators and tell them to Vote NO on any attempt to attach Manchin’s dirty deal to a must-pass Continuing Resolution today.

Last week we told you how more than 80 democrats in the House and Senate who oppose Manchin’s dirty deal. Since the details of Manchin’s deal were released, opposition is growing both in numbers and in strength.

Senators Booker, Duckworth, Kaine, Markey, Merkley, Sanders, Warren and Whitehouse have raised concerns in the Senate. More than a dozen environmental Justice leaders were arrested outside Joe Manchin’s Senate office in DC protesting the dirty deal. And members of the House are lining up to vote no on any continuing resolution that includes Manchin’s dirty deal.

But the vote is today and it’s expected to be close. So now is the moment to call your Senators (or call them again) no matter what their party or political persuasion. Every Senator must vote today on Manchin’s dirty deal, and they need to hear from you that they only good vote, is a “no” vote on this dirty fossil fuel deal!

PS: Prefer to send a letter? Click here to send an updated letter to your Senators and member of Congress before the vote telling them to oppose Manchin’s dirty deal?

More info below if you need more context to catch up!

Sept 21 update: Today, Joe Manchin (Fossil fascist, WV) is finally releasing the details of his dirty deal. But Manchin’s new deal isn’t a sign of strength. It’s a sign of cowardice.

More than 80 Democrats in the US House have pledged to stop Manchin’s dirty deal. Senators Booker, Duckworth, Merkley, Sanders and Warren have raised concerns in the Senate, and Sen. Markey has already pledged to vote against Manchin’s dirty deal. Most Republicans are opposed because Manchin cut them out of negotiations.

That means, all we need to do to stop Manchin’s dirty deal is to hold our coalition together in the House for a few more days, and convince a few more Senators to join us in outspoken opposition. We’re close, so close, to stopping Manchin’s dirty deal – and you’ve already signed on and taken action.

Can you click here to send a letter to your Senators and member of Congress telling them to oppose Manchin’s dirty deal?

More details and re-runs of our last few actions are below in case you need the refresher.

Sept 6 update

We warned you a while ago about Manchin’s dirty side deal to expedite permitting for fossil fuel pipelines and other projects – and now it’s time to act.

If passed, Manchin’s dirty deal would gut bedrock environmental protections, threaten tribal authority, endanger public health, cut public input, fast-track fossil fuel projects, and mandate completion of Manchin’s pet project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline. We can’t allow any more communities to be sacrificed for fossil fuel buildout and climate disaster!

Join us in action to make our voices clear: We are not your sacrifice zones! #StopMVP and stop Manchin’s dirty deal!’

A refresher, for those who need it

As part of a secret, back-room deal to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, Senators Manchin and Schumer have promised to pass a piece of legislation that would fast-track approvals for dangerous fossil fuel projects in September. Manchin calls it permitting reform. We call it a dirty deal.

Manchin’s philosophy is an extension of what we’ve for years called “patriotic hydrocarbons delusion.” It’s the fallacy that if fossil fuels are “made in America” they are inherently better, cleaner, and safer than any other kind of energy from anywhere else. Therefore, if a pipeline, export terminal, or compressor station is transporting those “patriotic hydrocarbons” not only can it get built, it must be built – as a matter of national security.

You might think that because agencies like FERC and the Army Corps already say yes to almost 100% of projects that apply for permits, Manchin’s dirty deal will not make a lot of difference – and might even help some marginally useful things like new power lines get built.

But if that’s what you think or have heard, you’re missing the point. Manchin’s dirty deal doesn’t make the process faster or simpler – it makes it impossible for the climate movement to win a court case that stops pipelines, extraction, or fossil fuels.

No one has seen the official legislation yet, but the one-page summary of the deal that was leaked is a disaster – it guts bedrock environmental protections, endangers public health, fast-tracks fossil fuels, and mandates completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. A draft of the legislation even bears a watermark from the American Petroleum Institute!

This is a dirty deal written by and for the fossil fuel industry. Fortunately, Congressional resistance is building. But if Manchin and Schumer attach their dirty deal to a must-pass government spending bill this September, it will be harder to fight. So now is the time to take action.

We need Members of Congress to pledge right now to block any efforts to dish out new fossil fuel handouts. Protecting our communities and climate is more important than giving Senator Manchin another present to take back to his fossil fuel industry donors. Stop Manchin’s dirty deal! RSVP here, or click here to send a letter to your Senators and member of Congress now!