Manchin is a liar, a climate denier, and a fossil fueled fascist. Time for consequences

Sen Joe Manchin (Traitor, WV) has betrayed his President, his party, and his colleagues in Congress, again. This to say nothing of the men, women, and American children he’s sentenced to death and a destroyed climate. The man belongs in a stockade, or some sort of human rights tribunal.

Instead, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, and the Democratic Party leadership have heaped praise and accolades on Joe Manchin. Like Chamberlain negotiating with Hitler, these so-called leaders mistakenly believe that they can beg, buy, and trade hostages with Manchin.

They’re wrong. The one way to beat Manchin is to take away his power, bit by bit, until he’s no more dangerous than any other asshole with a coal company. And Manchin’s most treasured source of power, bought with blood and fossil fuels, is the chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Take action now: tell Chuck Schumer to remove Manchin as chair of the Energy Committee.

We’ve been calling for this for a while. But last week Manchin has made it clear, again, he won’t support any action on climate change. He’s single handedly blocking the President, the Democratic Party, and the US Congress from taking action. Senators and members of Congress were all rightfully outraged, and none less than Sen Sanders told it like it is when he said Manchin has “sabotaged the President’s agenda.” Now Senators and members of Congress are joining our call for Manchin to be removed as chair of Senate Energy.

Senator Manchin must face consequences for his betrayal of the American people, the President, and his colleagues in the House and Senate. Sign here to tell Leader Schumer to remove Manchin as chair of the Energy Committee.

Manchin covets the chair at Senate Energy, because it lets him control the national debate on climate change and energy policy. He’s abused the position in the past to block action at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), slow walk climate action, and of course to kill the hundreds of millions of dollars in clean energy and climate finance that were our last, best hope of achieving President Biden’s climate goals.

Enough is enough. Americans are dying in the heat wave out west. Europe and the UK are literally on fire. The Texas grid is teetering on the verge of a blackout due to a climate-fueled weather event, for the second time in 2 years. And yet President Biden is too cowardly to call it an emergency, and leader Schumer is too afraid to deny Manchin a plush seat with a parking space for his Maserati.

Sign the petition: Demand Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer replace Senator Manchin as Chair of the most important climate committee in the U.S. Senate NOW.