This Thursday, it’s now or never, will Congress step up and act on climate?

Elected leaders in Congress are failing us. More than 100 million Americans are under excessive heat warmings this weekend, and they can’t get it together to agree that the climate emergency is an emergency, let alone to pass the kind of bold, sweeping policy we need.

And here’s the thing, for all our good work to get the Biden Administration to declare a climate emergency, enact a windfall profits tax on Big Oil, and kick Joe Manchin out of his Senate Energy chairthat’s not enough to actually bring down emissions and usher in a clean energy future we need. This summer is our last, best chance to have Congress enact policy that actually replaces fossil fuel power (for our homes, cars, electricity, etc) with clean, green, renewable energy.

But with the stakes higher than ever, Congress is playing games and preparing to go on recess. On July 28, they plan to hold a friendly baseball game, and then adjourn for a month.

If you’re outraged by the inaction, I’m asking you to join allies from across the movement to protest and shut down the Congressional baseball game on July 28 in Washington DC. Will you join us or tune in online?

As we’ve explained before (a couple of times) executive action on the climate Emergency is great – and long overdue. But Biden literally cannot solve the climate crisis himself. To have a chance to meet President Biden’s promise to cut US emissions 50% by 2030, and achieve ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050, Congress must take action. Congress has, still, never passed a piece of legislation to address the climate crisis.

And we’re running out of time. To hit Biden’s 2030 and 2050 targets, climate emissions have to peak within 3 years and then rapidly decline. At the rate we’re going, the entire U.S. carbon budget will be exhausted in less than a decade. We can’t afford for Congress to sleep walk through another summer of barbecues and ball games.

This is a big request. We’re asking you to show up in person. We’re asking you to potentially risk arrest. If you can’t do that we’re asking you to support those who can. We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.

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