Sign now for a windfall profits tax: the world’s best way to stop big oil, without begging fossil fuel fascists.

October 31, 2022 Update:

All this year we’ve been campaigning to get President Biden and Congress to support a windfall profits tax on Big oil. Well, today he came out and said it!

This is the leadership we need to take on Big Oil’s price gouging and corporate greed. A windfall profits tax would help immediately send relief to millions of people who have been struggling to make ends meet. Use the links below to spread the word on social media, or forward to your friends. When we take action together, we win!

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Our old message, video, and petition are below in case you want to catch up

Gas prices are high in the US, and politicians — especially President Biden — have responded mostly by begging fossil fuel companies to make more oil. Just this week President Biden flew to Saudi Arabia and met with leaders accused of murdering a US journalist, all to beg for oil.

But Biden and his team have it all backwards — we don’t need to beg the fossil fuel fascists and corporate profiteers for anything. We need to tax their massive profits, which are built on war and exploitation anyway. Then we can invest the money in making America, and the world, truly independent from oil by switching to clean renewable energy instead.

Sound simple? It is – and Biden needs to know that there are consequences to not taking on fossil fuel greed. A windfall profits tax was a big part of why UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson just got the boot. And now the UK is the latest country to have a windfall profits tax on fossil fuel companies!

Watch this quick report on on the real way to stop Big Oil price gouging around the world: a windfall profits tax with direct rebates to help working families. Then sign our petition to President Biden to quit begging oil companies and fossil fuel dictators for scraps and join the fight for a fossil free future.

President Biden has criticized fossil fuel profits and war profiteering. But so far he’s stopped short of endorsing a windfall profits tax. Instead the Biden administration has proposed a series of quick-fix schemes like a gas tax holiday and releasing oil fro the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But those wont do anything to reduce pollution or climate change, and barely anything about the price of gas either. They’re basically just different ways to give one more handout to fossil fuel companies.

We’ve been saying for months that fossil fuel companies are just war profiteers, riding record high prices caused by Rissua’s invasion of Ukraine and the pandemic so they can deliver huge dividends to their shareholders and pump billions of dollars in stock buybacks. Now, President Biden has a chance to join other world leaders, and stand up to the fossil fuel companies and the oppressive, fascist politicians like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin they depend on.

Sign on now and demand President Biden join the UK and other countries and support a windfall profits tax on fossil fuels.

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