Join us April 23 to Fight For Our Future

Like we’ve always said, we have to either fight for our future and rise together, or we’ll drown, burn, and/or die alone. This weekend, we’re making a stand for our climate and common home.

We need a massive investment in American-made clean energy and climate action. And the window of opportunity is closing. That’s why, this Earth Day, April 23, we’re joining major rallies across America to crank up the pressure while there’s still time to get Congress to act on climate. Can you join us?

There’s no easy way to say it – we’re losing the fight for our climate and common home right now. In 2020 we elected Joe Biden and a ton of new Democrats to Congress because they promised to take action on climate change.

Instead, betrayed by Joe Manchin and a host of other Judas-like climate deniers and delay-ers, where are we now?

Biden’s Build Back Better Act is a smoking ruin on the bank of the Potomac. Fossil fuel companies are recording record profits driven by the war in Ukraine. And a massive protest at Joe Manchin’s personal dirty coal plant is the most effective thing to come out of Joe Manchin’s Senate Energy Committee in a year. Last Friday, President Biden broke his promise to end drilling on public lands, again, when he ordered a new sale of even more publicly owned lands to oil and gas drilling, in yet another handout to the fossil fuel industry.

Betrayal, after disappointment, after failure.

But in this springtime of renewal, there’s still time for President Biden and congress to stop making the climate crisis worse. They can choose at any time to act on the crisis at scale and create millions of union jobs in clean energy and the care economy. But they have to act soon, or it will be too late.

This is a fight for our future. Will you join us and send President Biden, Congress, and lawmakers at all levels of government a message they can’t ignore?

Now is the time to give it everything we’ve got. We need to invest in an equitable transition to American-made clean energy, and in care jobs, to deliver thriving, sustainable communities – while we still have the chance. Click here to join us this weekend in cities across America and take action to demand investment in climate, care, jobs, and justice.