Thanks for signing the petition! Take the next step:

Thanks for signing the petition! Now, will you take the next step and call President Biden and tell him to stop all new fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency? If you can’t call right now, consider chipping in $1.98 or whatever you can to support this campaign.

President Biden has the authority through executive action to meet our demands; no legislation needed. White House staffers will be tallying the calls they receive and reporting to the Biden team. The more calls, the more they will have to report.

We can’t wait on climate. We need to end the era of fossil fuels now! Here’s how:

Call President Biden Now!

  1. Call 888-724-8946 between 11am and 3pm ET.
  2. Tell Biden’s office:

“My name is _ , and I live in _. I am calling to urge President Biden to take urgent climate action and respond to the organizers and leaders who marched outside the White House last week. The president can stop fossil fuel projects, declare a national climate emergency, and deploy 100% clean, safe, renewable energy. The people demand climate action now!”

With record breaking wildfires in the west and floods in the east, there is no time to waste. Climate change is here, but so is the movement to stop it in its tracks. With a simple call, you can help make a meaningful impact.

Please take a minute to call President Biden at 888-724-8946 to urge him to stop fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency now.

Or chip in here to support the work

Thanks again for all you do!


  1. stop fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency now.

  2. Fossil fuels are past needed. They do more harm than good. Our. Electricity should be decided by other than the men making money from it. If it had been done right than the Morgan family would not have selected based on cost and Tesla would have solved it for the world already. Now we have another chance to save civilization from itself.

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