A long time coming: Help us Confirm Deb Haaland this week

President Biden has nominated Congresswoman Deb Haaland to be the next Interior Secretary. It’s an historic choice, and this agency is crucial to the Biden team’s plans to Build Back Better and tackle the climate crisis by Building back fossil free.

Unfortunately, Republican Senators who were willing to support for Donald Trump’s racist, climate denying cabinet – names that will live in infamy like Ryan Zinke and William Pendley – are out to block Biden and Haaland, and have threatened to derail the nomination this week.

Haaland’s first confirmation hearing in the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee is scheduled for Ferauary 23 at 9:30am Eastern; And it’s expected to be a fiery one with ridiculous, misleading, and disingenuous attacks from Republicans and only limp defense from Climate-denying Democrats like ENR Chair Joe Manchin (D-Coal).

Watch live below and show the Senate that you support Deb Haaland by sharing on social media. You can use this social toolkit, or just click the links below.

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Day 1 hearing:

As the first Indigenous cabinet Secretary, Rep. Haaland will play a pivotal role in healing the wounds the federal government has inflicted on Tribal communities, upholding their trust and ensuring their voices are heard after being shut out for so long. In addition, Haaland has been a fantastic climate hawk and interior Watchdog in Congress – she supports an end to fracking, a Green new Deal on climate action, and an end to fossil fuel extraction on public lands.

After four years of the of Trump’s racist, anti-indigenous, pro-fossil fuel policies, Haaland is exactly the kind of bold, historic nominee we need to run Biden’s Interior Department. That’s why nearly 200,000 of us signed a petition weeks ago supporting her nomination. And now the time has come to show up and make sure the Senate confirms Haaland!

Haaland’s nomination as the first Indigenous cabinet Secretary and second-highest-ranking enrolled Native American to ever serve in the federal government is enormously consequential. And her experience and policy background makes her a key player in Biden’s climate and environmental agenda. It’s essential that the Senate act quickly to approve Congresswoman Haaland’s historic nomination to ensure the Department has a permanent leader to fulfill its mission, implement the widely-supported Biden-Harris plan, and protect our public lands for future generations.

Join us Tuesday morning, February 23 to tell the Senate to #ConfirmHaaland now!


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  2. It only makes sense that a Native American would be in charge of the department that oversees the bureau of Indian affairs! We couldn’t find a better fit than Deb Haaland, would be the first Native American to hold this post,

  3. Fingers crossed and with all my heart, I hope Deb Haaland will be the next Interior Secretary.

  4. Deb Haaland couldn’t be better choice for the Interior.

  5. I feel like they are going to treat Biden just like they did Obama. I give Deb Haaland a thumbs up and hope she gets in and changes the good old boy way of doing nothing.

  6. She will work wonders.

  7. President Biden has been electing qualified people for his cabinet not cronies that he’s beholden to. It behoves members of congress support his nominees so he can go ahead with his agenda. Please get going with the confirmation for all his appointees.

  8. I have written in support of this nomination because she is well suited for the job. This is a very thoughtful appointment by President Biden of a lady who has the future in her heart and not dollar signs. I am hoping she is confirmed.

  9. Please Deb help fix what you can in the fossil and climate crisis, make earth clean and healthier, We counting on you!