Convict, Expel, stop Trump and his enablers

Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate continues today, with House Impeachment managers expected to wrap up their presentation. In a crucial, early, vote six Republicans joined all 50 Democrats in voting that the trial is constitutional and should proceed. We’ve got just a few more days to convince 17 Republicans to join all 50 Democrats in voting to convict Trump.

That’s the whole agenda: We have a few days to convince 11 more Republicans to join six of their fellow partisans that this process is appropriate, and furthermore that Trump is guilty – That he incited a mob to attack the capitol and disrupt the counting of Electoral College votes in an attempted coup that killed multiple people, including one Capitol Police officer, injured many more, and terrorized the entire country.

Call your Senators now at (866) 455-3498 and tell them to vote to convict Trump, and prevent him from running for office ever again and deter future coup attempts. (Can’t call right now? Please chip in if you can to keep this toll-free line open and fund our fight against fossil fueled fascists in the future.)

A lot of pundits and politicians are saying that the evidence in this case doesn’t matter. That there’s nothing that will convince Republicans to convict Trump. That it’s time to move on and focus on President Biden’s plans to build back better and build back fossil free.

I still think that’s wrong for two important reasons:

  1. The coup attempt didn’t end on January 6. Trump is still out there. The FBI confirms that his supporters planned the Jan 6 insurrection in advance, and are planning future violence to this day. And at the same time, Republican leaders in Congress like Kevin McCarthy are plotting with him to re-take political power in 22 months. And it’s worth remembering that the members of the “Sedition Caucus” who are still defending trump are funded by the fossil fuel industryto the tune of $8.8 million dollars last year.
  2. Truth still matters. Lots of ‘very serious people’ spent 4 years telling us Trump was not a fascist, until the coup attempt on Jan 6,2021. And while many of us are eager, if not desperate, to look forward rather than backward we can’t do that until there is a reckoning with what happened on Jan 6. And that reckoning can’t happen without accountability for Trump and his enablers. If you haven’t already, check out the videos of the chaos and violence on Jan6 that house Impeachment managers are using to make their case – it’s a sobering reminder of what happened, and why the country needs this moment of reckoning.

Under our current laws and Constitution that reckoning and accountability starts (doesn’t end) with impeaching and convicting former President Trump. That vote is supposed to be shaped by what we the people tell our Senators about this moment.

That’s how Democracy wins – not just by citizens voting in a new president and “moving on,” but by citizens staying engaged and demanding that our elected officials hold the people who tried to incite a bloody coup against our government are held accountable.



  2. Sociopath enablers like McConnell,Barrasso, Graham, Halley, Cruz, Paul, Scott, Lee, Cornin, and any other Republican that can not commit to Trump’s guilt when it is so obvious to anyone paying attention.

  3. trump is an enabler and should lead ANYTHING again !! :X

  4. See what happened to his VP, Death… He wont back you up. He is in all for himself. He is A DICTATOR.

  5. It would be a disgrace if he is not convicted.

  6. Florida senators have “full” mailboxes and are not accepting any calls. Therefore it’s impossible leave a message urging their vote to convict Trump. Having watched the 2 days of hearings, What Trump has done is beyond outrageous. He needs to be and deserves to be impeached and to no longer be able to hold public office in this Country. It is shameful to watch what he has created, and his attempts to destroy our democracy! He has yet to admit that he has lost the election, and has yet to tell his “followers” to step down and STOP all of their anti-government behaviors. There is no way to defend any of Trump’s behaviors, specifically those ending in the dangerous outcome of January 6, 2020

  7. Donald Trump is a liar and a thug, big news. He needs to be stopped so there are no more insurrections. He is totally responsible for the January 6th insurrection.

  8. If Trump is not convicted more Americans could die in the next insurrection and Republicans will be directly responsible for those deaths.

  9. Trump and all Republicans need to be held accountable for allowing this man to escalate to the point where he has criminals going to the White House and killing people and destroying the capital this has a lot to do with Democrats also because they did not do their job all the way through Bush Cheney regime the way the Republicans treated Obama and now Trump they have a handle in this because Pelosi was extremely passive of correcting the lies that have been going on for years and the fact that she allowed Cheney and Bush getting away with criminal activity Mitch McConnell allowing to block everything that Obama tried to accomplish and blocking all of 500 bills that were passed in the house he refused Mitch McConnell refuse to bring to the floor and be voted on and then Trump and allow it continually allowing Trump to get away with malice illegal and over now trying to overthrow the government lies for four years this is got to stop we need stronger Democratic leaders like AOC and Katie Porter and we must remove and clean up the house and the Senate and get rid of people that refuse to allow our government to run freely we need to focus on the middle class Trump needs to be put in prison for allowing the pandemic to explode and and many of our Democratic leaders like Pelosi were part of not doing anything about it talking to the public speaking out more Pelosi is a lousy speaker she needs to step down we need AOC Katie Porter talking to the public about what is truly going on instead of allowing Trump to run these lies for four years her impeachment Pelosi’s impeachment was a disaster because of the fact that she only stuck with one issue instead of all the issues Trump had committed the crimes up until Ukraine and after you craine she didn’t do anything she is just as much default as Trump and she needs to be removed we need stronger leaders and they talk about how great she is but what is she accomplished nothing she never got the the word out about what was really going on and she let the Republicans talk about it and people believe them over us when she finally got to the podium she needs to be removed she needs to step down we need better leadership in the Democratic party strong precise direct leadership.

  10. You have to follow through charging anybody who participated in lies. I dont think the Senate will impeach since the law says after he left office. But he has to be held accountable & all who participated This is like how Hitler used the same lie strategy to win the people over. I know as I have read about it & talked to the German people who lived against the wall – they said he lied so much that people did not know if they were coming or going. They saw how he got rid of those who opposed him. So use the law to the fullest and I guess Freedom of Speech will throw monkey wrenches in it but keep going. And I am watching the whole trial. You did a good job but you got to know the law and it sure complicated with loopholes as usual.